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    Can I change my stream in 10+2 class

    Wondering if you can change your stream in 10+2 class? Looking out for whether it is possible and the exact procedure online? On this ask Expert page find advice from experts to all your queries.

    I am student of +1 commerce and I have got 87% in the first semester. But now I feel this field is not much interesting. Can I change my stream in +2 from commerce to science?
    My friend is a science student. When I read his books I found them very interesting.
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  • Already 6 months of the academic year are over. So if they allow you to change also now, it will be difficult for you to cope up with the subject. So I feel it is better to continue in the present stream and go ahead. If you feel that continuing in the present stream is very difficult you may have to lose one year and join in science stream next year. As far as the eligibility is concerned as still you have not completed +1, you can change. So you can apply for a change of stream in the present school where you are studying. If there is a seat they may allot. Then you have to work extra hours to cope up with the subject.

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  • Theoretically speaking, it is possible to change your stream till your name is sent to CBSE/any other Board along with subject-combination. But you have to first check with the school authorities whether they would allow you to change the stream from Commerce to Science, because the number of student strength has to be considered by the school on account of practical classes.

    Various other aspects are also required to be considered. You are getting very good marks in Commerce stream. Nowadays Commerce stream provides career opportunities which are sometime more lucrative than Science stream.

    I would advise you to discuss the matter with your parents and teachers. Study the syllabus of Science subjects very minutely, introspeect and then proceed. Don't take any hasty decision because your future career is involved.

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  • You are a student of commerce halfway through your first year and now find the science books interesting. Is this just like an infatuation or a case of the grass is greener on the opposite side.

    Please don't give up a year just because you find science books interesting.Give it some more time and at least finish this year, hopefully, you can move on with commerce as your main study and science as a hobby.

    I'm glad to see your achievement of 87% in the first semester. With commerce, you have excellent opportunities to become a company secretary (CS), accountant, finance expert, manager or analyst or a chartered account.

    Please don't be in a rush. Meet the teachers of commerce and science and have a discussion, spend some time so that your aptitude, interests, and ability to perform well and the realistic chance of having a good career go into making an informed decision, rather than just interest in some books.

  • If you want to change your stream at this stage then you have to find out whether there is a seat available or not. Only in that case you will be able to manage that within this year.
    If there is no seat available right now you have the option of either carrying on the same stream or wait for next beginning of academic year.
    If you are very keen to change stream right now then you can explore the possibility of late admission in some other college also. However in that case you may have to attend tutorials related to new stream separately.

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  • Sorry to say but it is not possible to change a stream from Commerce to Science group. Yes you can change your stream from Commerce to Arts group. Like wise a Science student can change his group from Science to Commerce or Arts.
    So, sorry to say, but you can not change the stream as per your wish.
    There are a lot of scope in commerce group. Now GST has open a new chapter in this filed so I will suggest you to study hard and try to make carrier in the field of Commerce. Do not compare your stream with your friends stream.

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  • As you have stated that your 1 semester exam is over, so it may not be easy to change your stream now. You also not specified that if the registration process is completed or not. If it is done then change of stream will not be possible for you.
    You have scored 87% in 1st sem which is very good marks in a subject like commerce. As per my opinion changing of stream at this level will not be a wise decision. Moreover there is good scope for this subject in your future life as the career options are god for commerce subject. So, stop comparing your stream with your friends stream, and stick to your stream.
    And remember one thing that, interest to a subject stream and scoring good marks in that subject is completely different thing.

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