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    Are two simultaneous distance post graduation programs valid or not

    Have a query about whether you can study 2 PG programs together? Looking out for the eligibility norms? Check out this page for responses from experts to all your queries.

    I have applied for distance MA Politics in a recognised university(2016-18) and completed my first year. I have also applied for another PG (distance) in another University (2017-19). Now I am going to write 2nd yr and 1st yr exams (within 2 months gap). Both universities are recognised universities.
    Can I claim both degrees? Are they valid or not? (I am not doing any regular pg).
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  • The same question recently somebody asked and the reply was given. You can write both the examination and you can claim both the degrees. Even though both institutes are recognised you will not have any problem. Don't worry about this issue, Concentrate on studies and write the exams well. I know who has done two courses simultaneously also I know.

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  • Many people try to complete two correspondence degrees at the same time to shorten the time and improve the chances of career growth.
    As far as the existing guidelines go, only two regular courses cannot be done simultaneously in the same or different colleges for issues with classes, attendance, and validity of the course time itself. You have opted for two courses from two different universities, this is allowed and both degrees would be valid to be used.
    With the current issue of engineering graduates having their degrees derecognized, please be cautious about choosing your college or 'university'. Choose a government university or a reputed one like IGNOU etc so that your hard efforts would not go futile later on.

  • One can simultaneously go for two correspondence programs and the degrees awarded will be valid. Only thing is the colleges or universities from where one is undergoing these courses should be recognized ones.

    There are many institutions which are in the manner of 'deened to' or 'affiliated' but are not recognized by UGC. One must be careful of these fake institutions while going for correspondence courses.

    In case of doubt please visit the UGC site for details -

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  • Yes, you can pursue Post-Graduate programmes simultaneously. Distance Education Council (DEC) has now allowed this.

    A student can also pursue some other combinations including one Degree and Diploma/Post-Graduate Diploma/Certificate. Similarly, a student can also enrol for one Post-Graduate Diploma and one Diploma/Certificate, one Diploma and one Certificate, two Post-Graduate Diplomas, two Diplomas and two Certificate courses.

    The following article appeared in the Hindustan Times on 21st July, 2017 may be perused:-

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  • If one has time to spare and desire to do more efforts it is definitely possible to take up two correspondence courses simultaneously and with proper time management and hard work one can qualify in both of them.
    The selection of university or institution for such correspondence courses is a crucial matter as there are many fake ones doing brisk business in our country.
    One has to ensure that the institution or university is recognised by UGC which is the apex regulatory and control body.

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