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    MEM from MIMS Calicut or MRCEM from Chennai Apollo

    Aspiring to study MEM? Confused about where to apply and if it is GWU USA certified? Here, you can read the guidance and advice from experts and resolve all your confusion.

    I would like to know about MEM(Master in Emergency Medicine) course offered by MIMS Calicut. I am also thinking to prepare for MRCEM course while doing this. So within 3 years I can complete my master degree and MRCEM. I contacted the instiute and they said that it is GWU-USA affiliated certificate.
    Is there any value for this certificate or MEM from any institute is enough? Should I opt for Apollo Chennai for MRCEM but they will not provide any master degree. Will be there any change in career prospectus after obtaining MEM and MRCEM rather than doing MRCEM?
    Next year downwards CMC Vellore is also conducting MEM course with NIT GWU USA certificate. Will it be a good option doing here? Would like know more SEMI MEM Course. Can we prepare for MRCEM while doing MRCEM.?
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  • SEMI-MEM is Masters in Emergency medicine given by Society of Emergency Medicine of India
    MEM- Masters of Emergency Medicine
    MRCEM- Membership of Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

    Whatever you choose, don't get fascinated by George Washington University USA or overseas placement etc. Basically, any Emergency Medicine degree given out by the colleges should enable you to get it entered into your state medical council. The state medical council would enter only the degrees that are recognized by Medical council of India. This is important for you to be legally called as a specialist. These degrees and the exams are quite expensive, so please contact the medical council before you enroll in any courses.
    For instance, there are newspaper reports about illegal MEM courses in India. 1.
    So, If I were you, I would decide only after getting it in writing or clarifying from a formal authority MCI/state council that the above are recognized.

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