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    Inter 2nd year all subjects MPC important questions

    Planning to score well in Inter MPC? Searching for the most important questions? On this Ask Expert page, find advice from experts for all your queries.

    I want very important questions for MPC inter 2nd year for final examinations to score good marks. The questions should be very important that we should guess for final examinations.I have not started the syllabus right now. Can you help?
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  • Going by important questions without understanding the basics is of no use. What I suggest is first understand the subject by listening to the lecturer in the class or going for a tuition. Once you understand the subject get last 5 years old papers and refer to the questions given there. Try to answer those papers fully. Then you will definitely be able to get a good score on the examination. You can fare both objective type examination as well as subjective type questions also.

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  • You are yet to start MPC II year and you are focusing on the question bank. Start the academic year, refresh your previous year, understand the basics of the subject, then start preparing subject wise for the exams. Preparing the last 5 years question papers now itself in the reverse order would not be good and you would risk more by studying only the most important subjects. If needed you can go for extra-coaching classes or seek help of your college lecturers and learn better.

    There are many sites that allow free downloads of these papers and have resource material

  • There is a tendency of students to study selectively by following the guess work and also selecting questions which were not asked last year hoping that repetitions are rare. To help such students many agencies print cheap guess papers which are available in the market a few months before the exams.

    There are large number of sites in internet where question banks as well as top questions are available.

    All this glitters nicely but it is not gold. This is an emergency measure to clear the exam by hook or crook.

    The purpose of learning is for long time struggle and fight one has to put through ones life. Applying for jobs and perform satisfactorily in interview requires good knowledge of the subjects. Clearing an exam with guess papers is not a solution.

    Going by only guess papers or top questions is a risky business and sometimes one can be blank in examination hall as a slight change in questions will be quite baffling.

    If one has no intention of going for higher education or academic pursuits then such methods can be resorted to as one time measure.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Guessing the important questions expected in examination is one of the oldest method to pass out a particular exam. Students all over the world have been doing this in order to clear the test at hand.
    As a short term measure this may appear as a good technique but for the long-term targets and objectives this will not serve the purpose.
    Anyway if one has decided to appear in exam only based on the guess papers then he one has to either search these questions in the internet or go to the market just before the examination when the markets are flooded with various guess papers. These guess papers may differ from each other but many important questions will be found common in them.
    Going to appear in an examination solely based on guess papers is a risky proposition because if those questions are not reflected in question paper the students will be in great trouble.
    So it is advised that one should study thoughroly and try to cover as much syllabus as possible so that one will not cut a sorry figure in the exam.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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