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    How to write a perfect story for SSB?

    Aspiring to apply to SSB? Searching for guidance to write an effective story and in a short interval of time? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can find ample inputs and suggestions from experts to prepare for this story writing.

    SSB (service selection board) is one of the toughest selection and interview procedures conducted in India for selection of Army officer from the aspiring candidates.
    And one of the very basic and first task in this is story writing based on a picture shown for 30 seconds. And story has to be written within 4 minutes.
    So can anybody suggest how to write this story?
    And how to write this story to the point and precise without putting any melodramatic situation?
    Whenever I try to write this story I write too much details what should I do to avoid this mistake?
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  • Seeing a picture for a short time and then writing a story in a few minutes is a task which requires focus and creative imagination.

    In a time frame of 4 minutes one can write hardly 150 - 300 words depending upon ones calibre and speed to join ones spontaneous thoughts and convert them to writing.

    Now ones we see the picture we have to construct the theme immediately so that we can utilize the time for writing. Theme is the crucial part in this. For example if the picture depicts a flock of birds flying in the sky we can immediately write a story about a person who wanted to roam freely in nature's lap and enjoyed his wanderings. Another person can think of a different theme like if we want to enjoy company then always be in a group.
    Many story lines can be extracted from a picture. It is only the imagination and writing skills that converts it in a story.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I appeared in SSB Allahabad way back in 1990 without any preparation. The five days were real fun. And the particular task was immensely enjoyable. My advice would be:-

    (a) See the picture very minutely. See the number of characters (male & female), other details (natural or artificial) and how these are arranged. See the dress of thee characters and what they are doing in the picture.
    (b) Write six to seven sentences. Give names to the characters and try to give a plausible explanation of their conduct/activities.
    (c) Don't get tensed by the overall environment. Don't get scared by the military uniforms all around you.
    (d) Try to bring out the creative personality in you. It is real fun.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • You have to write a story in 4 minutes after seeing a picture for 30 seconds. It is to assess your intelligence and ability to observe in a short span of time and the write a relevant story. I think you will be given 60 seconds to note the details. Then the 4 minutes start in SSB PPDT(picture perception and description test) assessment.

    1.In that precious time you have to practice in sign language/short form about writing the key details in the picture.
    2.For instance if its a related to a train station or prayer hall or hospital or an vent robbery, assault, playing or borrowing a book in the library.So you have to quickly learn to capture the essence of the scene and
    3.Then move on to the key players. a building, a bed, a tower, a tree etc, then the peopel - child, male,female, officer,farmer etc.
    4.Then the expressions or the mood, a sad beggar, a joyful child, a threatening robber a sacred lady.
    5.Lastly try to link the characters, the mood, the background and the essence of the picture. Eg: a beggar begging in front of a temple, a young man running to catch a moving train, a lady in fear because a thief is trying to rob her in the street or in the house.
    6.Be sure to write down the position of the character and encircle the main character.

    The your 4 minutes start. Here try to limit you story to around hundred to hundred and fifty words.
    Formulate basic sentences that are meaningful yet do not have too many words.(It was such a wonderful, pleasant,lovely sunny day should be concise as It was a pleasant sunny day). The sentences will be based on the above 4-6 observations you have made. Do not try to have a flowery language with many adjectives. Keep the language simple.

    This needs practice,practice and only practice. What you can do is, there are many websites that have online resources. Carefully see the image and the replies given for them, you will get an idea of the type of response that you can give.

    Then time yourself as if you are in the exam and see your performance. I suggest you see a picture and try to get the details in a card or a empty rectangle in 60 seconds. Do this many times and once you do many such picture cards, you'll get the idea how not to miss details, The start practicing to write 5 sentences first about a picture. then gradually increase the content in the same 4 minutes time.

    For example a picture of a fireman on a tall ladder rescuing a woman from a III floor building on fire with the rest using water jets to douse the fire.

    If you can get all these key details in 60 seconds, then well done. Move on to improve your story writing

    Hema was trapped in a fire. The firemen came quickly and sprayed water. Mohan, a brave fireman went in and brought back Hema safely.

    Now try to improvise by adding details.

    Hema lived in the III floor of a high rise building. One day fire suddenly broke down and she was trapped in the III floor. Luckily she had the presence of mind to call the fire service. The fire engine promptly arrived and water jets were immediately used from multiple sides. Mohan, a brave fireman saw the plight of Hema and quickly swung the tall collapsible ladder to extend up to the III floor. He jumped in and quickly picked up her and safely came down the ladder. Thank God for the timely help, Hema is alive today.
    This is just an example. It will take time for you, Don't worry keep practicing.

    You can get online resources from such sites. All the best

  • By observing a picture for 30 seconds and then writing the story related to the picture is 4 minuted require lot of concentration and observation. The 30 seconds observation is very crucial here. Please observe the picture carefully and while observing please make a subject on which you can write. For example, if you see a road and both side very thick trees and on the road two persons going on a bike. A young boy driving the vehicle and a young girl sitting on the back. You can think of writing a loving pair and its visit to the nearby waterfalls in a forest. This is the plot you can elaborate on this theme by describing the characters , the journey, the forest so on so forth.

    always confident

  • This type of tests are carried out to know the potential of candidates for understanding a situation and the assessment of possible circumstances emerging out of the situation.
    These test requires that person should be very focussed as well as expressive in following up his observations.
    What is required in such tests is to absorb the contents of the picture in mind as time is limited. Once the situation is conceived then one has to use his imaginative and creative faculties to build out a theme and eventually a small story out of it.
    The story can be woven connecting all or a few elements of the picture. This entirely depends on the choice of the candidate.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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