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    What is difference of Kuvempu university & IGNOU correspondence education

    Confused about choosing between Kuvempu university & IGNOU correspondence education to pursue Graduation in Commerce? Check this page to know the difference from our experts.

    I have tried in many places for IGNOU for B.Com but no correspondence colleges are providing the course. Instead they are suggesting Kuvempu university. Will it be useful/same equal as IGNOU? Can I go with Kuvempu university for B COM correspondence? Will it be helpful for my Bank job? What is the difference? I am from Bangalore. Which will be the better one?
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  • Kuvempu University is a public state university in Shimoga, Karnataka, India. It was established in 1987 by the act of the Karnataka state legislature through amendment No. 28/1976 dated 29 January 1989 under the Karnataka State University Act 1976. It is located at Shimoga, Karnataka. I have checked and found that the correspondence degrees of this university are recognised.

    On the other hand, IGNOU is a Central University with regional centreas at all state capitals of India. It's degrees are well-recognised not only in India, but also outside India.

    I don't know where do you reside. If you reside in such a place where there is a study centre of IGNOU, I will advise you to pursue your education from IGNOU. The study materials of IGNOU are of very high standard and the examinations are held regularly.

    If you live in such a place, where there is no study centre of IGNOU but there is a study centre of Kuvempu University, you can take admission in B.Com through correspondence from Kuvempu University.

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  • Of the two institutes, you have mentioned IGNOU is a central university with study centres all over India. The standards of this university are better than many other universities. So I prefer you to choose IGNOU. If you are away from the study centres of IGNOU and The study centre of Kuvempu University is near, you can get admitted to Kuvempu University, which is a state university belonging to Karnataka. The first option should be IGNOU.

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  • You have mentioned that you are from Bangalore and you are looking for in IGNOU. IGNOU would always be the first choice as you need not worry about chance of re-recognition and it is a reputed open university, then you can keep Kuvempu university as the second choice.

    As per the IGNOU site, study centers activated for B.Com are
    IGNOU STUDY CENTRE. Centre code:1301

    IGNOU STUDY CENTRE. Center code:1309

    You have asked for a University in Shimoga. I'm not sure whether you intend to be in Shimoga, then, there is one study center listed for
    IGNOU STUDY CENTRE. Center Code:1306

    Kuvempu University, offers code:(UGC31) and (PGC31). If you are selecting this university please be aware that once, fees are paid, it would not be refunded under any circumstances.

    There are 6 study centers in Bangalore ( from where you can collect the application forms. Kuvempu university boasts of a IVRS 24/7 student support service for distance education courses 08282-256184/85.

    If you are from Bangalore, Bangalore University also offers Correspondence courses.
    DCC & DE
    Jnanabharathi Campus
    Bangalore University
    Tel: 080 22961261 to 080 22961265
    E-Mail Id:
    Please be careful about college affiliations and their validity if you go for Bangalore University. All the best!

  • Thanks for the Answers. But what If I go for IGNOU whether syllabus is tough. Because most of the tutorials are saying that its very tough. Can I do my admissions online to IGNOU will it be no issues?. will I get my payment refunded if I have not been selected.

  • 1. IGNOU paper evaluation is more correctly (strictly) done when compared to other open universities, You need to prepare and do your groundwork and study regularly. Because of candidates who don't things seriously and fail, often IGNOU get a bad reputation that it's tough.

    2. Yes, online admissions are easy, there are guidelines and frequently asked questions and the documents to be kept handy to be uploaded. It's clearly given on the website. (

    3.Yes, If you apply online, pay the fees and your admission is rejected (not eligible or other reasons), the fee will be refunded into the account or the card that was used for the original transaction.

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