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    Which the best Online Casino in India?

    Do you want to know about the online casino websites and their services? Please go through the responses by our experts to know about this in this page.

    Is it legal to play online casino in India?
    Do we have to follow any rules and regulations from RBI? If it is legal can any one provide me the best online casino sites in India? And how to start with them? Does it have any legitimate or guaranty of not fake service by that site?
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  • India is still not open to online casinos and it is illegal to play online casinos in India. Let us see the practical side to this legality. If a person is playing online in his home and no one is knowing it or even if knowing not going to police to report, that person will happily be playing it there.
    Suppose such a person is duped by the site, he can not go to police to lodge a case for cheating. Police will first arrest him for illegal activity.
    It is interesting to note that many people are engaged in such activities but they are illegal.
    So one should be careful before registering in any site for such fun.
    Another thing is if you go out of the country you can legally play it in the same site in that country if it is legal there.
    So we are so far not liberal enough to allow such gambling in India though people are physically playing casinos in many hotels and clubs in India under license for fun and skill activities. That is also in fact an indirect way of playing casino under some garb and if police raids there the people will be caught red handed.
    So confusing rules and poor governance are masking the whole issue but as on today it is illegal in India.

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  • As far as my knowledge goes it is illegal in India. Our country is not allowing to play this online. If it goes to the knowledge of police that somebody is playing it is punishable. Police can take any action if they know that somebody is playing. There are many foreign sites which will cheat the members. If somebody is getting chated also there is no chance to complain in our country. Hence I advise not to go for such activities here.

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  • Indian govt. has banned the online and offline casinos. Offline the casinos are ran as "video games parlor". And they keep the slot machine video games in front. And then under that they are running the offline casino games. In case of the online games, they are making teen patti and rummy as games but they are executed as paid games. All of them are usually run by bots and usually they are algorithmic designed to let user win for first few turns and then run to stop it.

  • As far as I'm aware online casinos are illegal in India.There are a few online betting sites ( difficult to be tackled by India as these are based overseas and not under our jurisdiction. The Indian laws of Gambling date back to the British law 'The Public Gambling Act of 1867' which basically says people, place, and equipment for gambling are illegal and is a crime to do so. The grey area comes from a Supreme court ruling (1996) to allow games of skill ( horse racing, betting). Goa had made amendments to the Goa, Daman & Diu public gambling act in 1976 and has land and offshore based casinos that are legally operated in Goa.

  • Online casino is illegal in India but there are a few online betting sites . However in Goa, casinos can be operated and people can take part.

    Except Goa, casino is legal in Nepal (which is a separate country). Any Indian person can go to Nepal and enjoy casino there. There is no requirement of visa for Indians to visit Nepal.

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  • Hi Friend
    Playing online casino is illegal in india but you can play casino offline in some clubs and it is very famous in GOA.You can play the online casino in India but it is an illegal activity and if anyone finds it then you may have to go under bars as police can easily find you by tracking your I.p address.So, it is better not to play casino online in India.

  • The best Online Casinos in India I can say are those who obtained licensed to operate. You might wat to check an article at AllCasinosIn site for your reference.

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