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    Regarding CBSE 12th registration and 10th marksheet spelling mismatch

    Have a name mismatch in documents? worried if this will be a problem in future? You can go through the advice from experts on this page and get answers to all your queries.

    My father's name is not matching in my class 10th marksheet and 12th registration.
    Will it be a problem in future?
    How do I resolve this mismatch?
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  • Yes, there will be problems due to a mismatch in the name, you should either get it immediately rectified from the Board (whichever Board your school was affiliated), another alternative is you can get an affidavit done with the correct name from a lawyer. You will have to show the affidavit whenever there will be an official verification.

    The sooner you rectify it, the better it would be.

  • Your father's name is mismatched in your 10th marks card and 12th registration.
    Yes it will be a problem later on when you go other legal and ID documents. You need to be careful while applying for a passport. It will be difficult to prove or judge whose mistake is it, you the candidate, or the school or the board while issuing the 10th marks card.

    Correcting father's name in the 10th marks card should be done by the state board.
    If there is an error in what you have submitted and what the school records have actually entered or forwarded then you can approach the school to help you.

    School boards often ask for

    1.An application form for change in the spelling of the name that is forwarded by the Head of the institution (10th school)
    2.Admission form that was filled/submitted at the time of joining 10th Standard
    3. School leaving certificate or a Transfer certificate
    4. original copy of two newspapers in which the change has appeared (national and vernacular).
    5. Prescribed fees of the board
    6.An affidavit sworn before the Judicial magistrate stating your father's correct name and spelling will also be needed
    7.Then the Higher secondary board will verify the details from the school and may change it

    Once you do this then you can check the accuracy of you 12th and Aadhaar Card details.

  • From your query it appears that your father's name is not correctly spelt in your 10th marksheet.

    If it is so you have to apply to your board office for rectification of the same. This is an urgent matter and to be taken up immediately. You will have to give an application to board office asking for the correction and requesting them to issue the corrected marksheet. You will also be required to submit the documents supporting the correct name of your father. This is very essential input and it can be an Aadhar card or voter card or driving licence or PAN card or even ration card.

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  • Your father's name is not correct on your SSC certificate. Is it your mistake that the document you have provided is wrong or it is a mistake of the board authorities. If it is the mistake of the board you can approach the school and submit an application mentioning the correct spelling. You should attach a copy of the proof you have submitted to them. There will not be any fees. They will forward it to the board and it will be rectified and you will receive the correct certificate in a month or so. If you have provided a wrong spelling to the school then you have to see what is written in the certificate you have given to school authorities. First, you have to get that certificate corrected and then apply to the school for correction. In this case, there will be a fee which you have to pay and apply for correction to board through the school. Here also it may take a months time.

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  • You have to approach your board office through your school and apply for correction in your father's name in your 10th marksheet. Generally they will do it though it will take some time.
    While applying for correction you have to give some document where your father's name is correctly spelt. You can even give your school certificates/ mark sheets of class 9 or 10.
    This action from your side is necessary otherwise you will have problem in document verification in your admission to higher classes.
    Please ensure that your name as well as parent name should be consistently spelt same way from your 10th certificate/ mark sheet to your highest qualification documents. Any difference creates a lot of problem later in document verification during job interviews.

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  • Yes, there will be problem if the mistake is not rectified. The rectification can be done in the following manners:-

    (a) If you have passed your Board examination recently (withing 3-4 yars), you may approach the Board (where your father's name is wrongly mentioned) in writing to rectify the mistake. You have to submit supporting documents indicating the correct name of your father.
    (b) If the rectification at Board level is not possible, you have to sign a suitably-worded affidavit before a first-class magistrate indicating the correct name of your father. You have to publish classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in one vernacular newspaper indicating the correct name of your father. You have to preserve the original affidavit and the original advertisements permanently, for future records.

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