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    Field selection for Scientist career

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    I want to became scientist, but I don't know which subjects and college field to choose? Which is the best college in Maharashtra for my career field? I also want to know about that colleges and about their facilities. Can you provide guidance for my future? I am totally confused.
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  • It is a good thing that you have an ambition for becoming a scientist. Ambitions and desires are the motivating forces to align a person in the appropriate path to success. People having high aims often get the desired goal through their vonti using pursuit to achieve it. So in your case also with adequate hard work and studies you can definitely achieve your goal.

    Now coming to the practical side of it - have you got sufficient interest and aptitude for science subjects? Answer to this question in affirmative is the pre requisite to become a scientist. This is the crucial thing and the long and arduous journey can only be started after it.

    Physics is the most important subject for those who want research in science though biology and chemistry are equally fascinating.

    To begin with one can choose a Physics, Chemistry and Maths stream in graduation and later decide for subject in post graduation depending upon the interest and performance obtained in that subject in graduation.

    In Maharashtra there are many good science colleges which are mainly in Mumbai and Pune regions. Some of the top rankings are -
    1. Fergusson College, Pune.
    2. St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.
    3. D G Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
    4. K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce.
    5. S P Mandali's Ramnarain Ruia Senior College.

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  • I think you are totally confused with the word 'Scientist' and of the impression that you have to do necessarily study Science subject to become a Scientist. It is totally a wrong conception. You have not provided your present course of study and age. Perhaps you are aware of the difference between Science and Humanities and I can presume that you are interested in Science subjects.

    You have an option to study either Science or Humanities in your First year of Intermediate or XI standard. An option for Mathematics and Physical Sciences would help you to do your Graduation in Engineering through the respective State Technical Education authorities or JEE (in respect of IITs/NITs etc) or B Sc in a Degree college. If your are interested in Medicine or Life Sciences, you can opt for BiPC group.

    Now coming to your choice to become a scientist, after completing your B E/B Tech degree, you can join as a Scientist in various Scientific and Research centres like CSIR, NRSA, DRDO, ISRO etc. If you want to do your B Sc, then you have pursue Master's degree in relevant field to become a Scientist as B E or M Sc are the eligible degrees for appointment of such posts. Same is the case with Medicine and Pharmaceutical research institutes. So, plan you study accordingly to realize your ambition.


  • For a scientist post, you can choose many fields. You can do your engineering, you can do your MBBS or you can do B.Sc Science and then M.Sc Science. You can study Chemistry, Physics, Zoology. biochemistry and many more subjects. Once you complete your graduation in engineering or medicine or post graduation there are many universities or organisation who are engaged in research will offer the scientist post. To name a few such Organisations, Drdo, CSIR, Survey of India, ONGC, HAL.ISRO. All these Organisation will have scientist post. Basing on your interest and availability you can choose any field in which you want to study. Another advantage you will have here is while working you can improve your qualification also. So you can take a decision as per your requirement and see that you will be a scientist in coming days. All the best to you.

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  • Agree with what Mr.Jagadish has mentioned, give us some more details about your educational qualifications and age. You have a good ambition to become a scientist well but the avenues are vast to give you every aspect of it.

    I take the example of one field that involves work along the lines of a scientist. Genetic engineering is one specialist research-oriented field that has a good prospectus and career opportunities in India and abroad. For this, you need an aptitude in biology and biotechnology for long-term learning and involvement in research.If you get the right break, then you will be part of the teams exploring future answers to present day problems in humans and even in the agricultural sector.
    Basic pathway
    1. 10 + 2
    2.B.Sc in Genetics/B Tech in genetic engineering. 3 years
    3.M Tech in Genetic engineering 2 years and then
    4. PhD is 2 years full time.

    There are many subspecialties in Genetic engineering that you can focus on as you start your Bachelor's degree.If you plan your studies well you can be well into your PhD by the time a student of medicine is able to practice as a doctor for example (MBBS 5yrs and 1 yr of internship and some states have mandatory rural service).

    At every step, you need to focus on avenues for growth in India or abroad in terms of a research project, regular job with part-time PhD, a one-year internship or a research assistant placement in an internationally renowned genetic department or laboratory affiliated to a university, Regular presentations, and paper publications etc.

  • I have read the question again and again, but have not found in which class you are studying. I have not found which subject you like most. I have not found which area of any particular subject attracts you most. Without these information, proper guidance/advice can't be given.

    You have to introspect a lot. You have to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Zoology & Botany) and Mathematics with all seriousness. Thereafter you will understand which area of study attracts you most. Only then you would be able search avenues of higher study in that particular field. Then comes the question of becoming a scientist.

    However, to become a scientist, you have to obtain at least PhD degree in a particular subject.

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  • Having ambition to become a scientist is a good thing as a career option as it is definitely a thing of repute and honour in the society. However it is a very vague and unclear word at the early stage of career planning. The reason is that there are so many branches of science in different different directions and there is a variety of subjects in which one has to search out his choice and do a specialisation or research that it is not so easy to see the result as a scientist at such a nascent stage.
    Of course after doing graduation or engineering one can try to get a job in Govt scientific centres or public sector undertakings and join as scientist and then also he can have a tag of scientist with his name.
    So exactly in what sense one is interested in becoming a scientist should be very clear in ones mind. Definitely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are the subjects through which one can march ahead in pursuit of becoming a scientist.
    Once it is found that a person is interested in a particular branch or particular specialisation then he can concentrate in that line and become a research scholar.
    Technical people working in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research are also called scientist because they are also busy in certain scientific projects.
    So the arena in which scientists work is very large and by focusing ones faculties one can definitely be successful in this line and join that fraternity.

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