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    Need to change college

    Want to know how to change to another college in a new city? Looking out for the detailed procedure? Find guidance from experts on this page and resolve your queries.

    I am a Student of Yashoda College Nagpur ( State Board college). I have completed 1st semester of 11th standard. I want to change my college next week because I am shifting to Iñdore for educational purposes. So I want to change to a State Board College in Indore. It possible to do it now? If yes, how? Whom should I contact?
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  • You want to transfer from state board to state board mid term in your 11 standard. Usually transfers in the middle of an academic year are very difficult unless there is a genuine reason (transfer of parent's workplace in government of private sector). I would suggest please do not take decisions in haste. Check with the current college principal and the college you have selected in Indore. You will need Transfer certificate, Character certificate, Migration certificate and the previous years marks cards (which would be 10 standard).

    I would suggest that you get clear information from both boards
    1. Present college city office
    Divisional Chairman / Secretary
    Maharashtra State Secondary & Higher Secondary
    Education Board, Divisional Board, Nagpur
    Civil Lines, Nagpur - 440001
    (Off.) 0712 - 2560209

    2. Future college city office
    43/B, 44, Netaji Subash Marg, Chiman Bagh, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452003
    Phone:0731 253 1988 OR
    3. Future college state office
    MP Board of Secondary Education
    Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal - 462011
    Phone No:0755- 2551166-71
    Only when your current college agrees to issue you all the certificates above and the new college accepts your application, then initiate the transfer process or plan for completing 11th and college change for 12th, then it is much easier.

  • You can not change the college from one place to another in mid session just like that until you have a genuine reason like transfer of parents.

    If you have a genuine reason then you will require the transfer certificate of parents from their employer and your latest mark sheet, character certificate and migration certificate from your present college/school.

    If possible try to complete your class 11 from this college/school itself so that you can do the credentials of class 11 in your new college/school in Indore.

    Anyway for genuine reasons colleges accommodate students even in mid term. It will be better if you enquire in your new school about this so that they can tell whether they will be able to accommodate you there or not.

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  • Changing in the middle of an academic year is difficult. It is not good for you also. There will be a lot of difference from college to college. You want to change from CBSE to state syllabus. It will be very difficult for you. First, think about this part and then take a decision. Getting a seat in this part of the year is difficult. If your parents are government employees and if they got transferred then they may consider providing a seat. Otherwise, they may not give you the seat. So please contact the schools where you want to get admitted. If they promise a seat to you then you can ask for TC, Migration certificate and other documents required from the present school and once you get it you go and admit there. But again I want to mention that don't be hasty in taking a decision.

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  • As far as I know, it is not possible to change one state board to another state board midway at X+II level. You have two alternatives. You can have transfer certificate from your present college and take admission in another school/college under the same board (preferably with boarding facility). Alternatively, you have to lose a year and take admission in the new state board (in your case, Madhya Pradesh HS Board) in std. XI.

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  • Generally change of school is done after completing of one session or one year in the class so that there is convenience of shifting with the latest marksheet etc. Schools also do it as a routine. If it is in between it is inconvenient for school administration as well as for the student.
    In your case if it is so urgent either due to the transfer of your earning parent or some other reason then you will have to apply to school authorities for certain documents like migration and character certificate.
    Another important thing is whether the new school where you are planning to go will accommodate you or not this is to be confirmed from them. Generally they will have some consideration for urgent cases like transfer of the earning parent.

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