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    Interested in becoming an animation artist? Searching for guidance to plan a successful career in this field? No worries. Here, on this Ask Expert page you can get advice about the future and plan to make a career in animation.

    I am 24 years old and live in Kolkata. I have started my graduation in B.Com from 2011 but till now I have not completed it. I think it's going to be complete in 2018. I want to become an animation artist. Although I am learning accountant course from ICA which is going to end in December or January. So now if I start learning animation course for 2 years is it going to be good for me? Will there be a problem to get a good job in animation sector? What should I do?
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  • You can go for animation course. There will not be any problem. If you are completing your B.Com and ICA, there are many chances to excel in that line. Why you want to go to animation side. Whatever you have studied and learnt so far will not be useful to you if you go for animation career. No doubt you may get a job in animation after completing the course, but accounts side will be related to your field and chances will always be there for Accountant in almost all the companies. Even you may get a job in public sector also. So My advice is to complete the two courses and join in the job and then do part time animation course. Once you complete that course you can think of changing or continuing on Accounts side.

    always confident

  • Animation - course is undoubtedly a good course but looking at your backgrounds, I would suggest you to go ahead with your B.Com course and later ICA course can be persued. The advantages of the current courses are of their immense demand in the finance and accounts fields apart from your good grip over the cirriculam being followed in B.Com course. Any deviation or change from the present course would lead to enormous time consumption in completing the newly assigned course. It might happen that the interest which is visible at this moment for the animation course may dilute with the time.
    Hence, in my opinion, attempt first on your degree along with ICA course and later animation course can be persued for fulfilling your passion. Never ignore the career - prospects of commerce if you could achieve your assignments with brilliant marks.

  • You can surely go for animation course. But before you join make sure that you have creative thinking and drawing abilities which is very essential for an animator to excel. You could find a wide range of job opportunities like Animator, 3D Modeler, Art Director, Flash animator, Graphic designer, Video game designer etc. As you said you are learning accountant course and it will end in the next month, you could look for opportunities as accountant and it also has a great demand in these days before joining animation course. Please try to complete your primary degree in B.Com, the opportunities has increased even large now with the implementation of GST. So I feel you could look out for a career first in accountancy as this field will be in demand always and then follow your interest.

  • If i joined animation course from MAAC is it going to be good for me ?

  • You will be changing your stream completely.

    Many youngsters are attracted towards an animation career after seeing movies or games that are very successful. The salaries are high but you need to have the right stuff with you (creativity and the platform to display it) to get a good break.

    You need to have a real passion deep within yourself for animation and you should be good at sketching.choose what is your liking in animation (lighting artist, modeller, 2D/3D animator,multimedia programmer etc). There are certificate courses, diploma or B.Sc in animation.

    The animation industry is a mutlicrore industry in India and overseas, there are a wide range of job opportunities.
    MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics) is among the top 10 animation institutes in India

    I would suggest,please try out an animation institute that enables you to see how the industry actually works by taking an observer or an interactive day in the center. You can get an insight, gather details about learning and the opportunities that it can give you as an animation experts.

    1.Indian Institute of digital art & animation. Offers one day session/experience.(
    2. Anibran School of media design encourage visits by prospective students before they decide on the course (

    Once you do this then decide whether you want to pursue animation full time or a part time career. Please complete your B.Com first so that you will have something in hand. Explore careers with at least one foot on the ground.

  • If you have a real passion and aptitude for animation then only at this juncture you can think of such a drastic step in change of your career otherwise the stream you are pursuing presently are also very good as far as the future career prospects are considered.
    So at this juncture my advice will be to continue the studies in hand and pursue them as a career. Meanwhile if you can manage time you can think of animation as a hobby and even joining a part time tutorial for that will suffice.
    Please remember hobby is never a burden on oneself and it in fact brings freshness to the tired mind after the routine work.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • well animation is not my hobby i want to devlop my career in their , i can understand what are you and other expert are saying that atfirst i need to complete my graduation then take job from my commerce background then if i find myself to change my career then i can go for animation or take it as hobby. i got it , well my next query is as i am from commerce background thats why animation course is unsuitable for me or i am not eligible for this course or the job from this sector ?

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