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    Which is the best insurance for siblings?

    Planning to take a medical insurance cover? Wondering which is the best scheme for siblings and its benefits? You can read the suggestions provided on this page and decide the best option.

    I want to take an insurance which will cover me and my brother. Which would be the best insurance to take?

    He is 18 years old but he has some complication in his ear which needs an operation. So which insurance would be best which will cover that expense?

    I don't have much knowledge about insurance plans and its benefits so your explanation and options would help me.
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  • The life insurance policy will never cover two persons. It is only for one. But for medical insurance, you can take for both of you. You can't go with a simple policy. Before giving the policy if there are any problems they will not cover those problems.What a suggest is nowadays there are many health insurance schemes and medical insurance schemes are coming. Aditya Birla, Kotak Mahindra and many other companies are offering these policies. You can go to their webpages and see the details. There all the details will be given. You can study that and decide. All insurance companies are having similar plans. There may be minor differences. that you will understand by going through the details given online.

    always confident

  • My suggestion is you can opt for a family health insurance plan rather than insurance for siblings. A family health care policy is cost effective than a single health insurance plan and allows larger health coverage for all the family members. You can opt for Max Bupa Health Insurance, HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, SBI Health Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance, Reliance Health Insurance which covers insurance for 4 members in a family including 2 adults and 2 children with a lifelong renewability and wider hospital coverage.

  • Taking insurance knowing well that there is an impending medical expense will not be accepted by Insurance company. Most Health insurances keep a waiting period of 4 years to cover pre-existing diseases. However there are certain companies and certain policies that give two years waiting period. Some group insurances cover pre-existing diseases also. Just have a talk with your banker if there is a bank tie- up insurance scheme (insurance policy linked to the bank account and having the facility of covering pre-existing diseases. You can also a take a family floater insurance policy but then, the premium may be decided based on the eldest of the policy holders.

    In any case it is better to start a Health insurance at the earliest. Please have discussion with the insurance company officials and visit the websites of different insurers to take a suitable selection.
    If you are employed and already covered by some medical reimbursement scheme by the employer or insured by them, you need to take a separate policy for brother only.

    Alternatively you may get the present needed treatment/surgery in a good hospital where the costs are reasonable. Take the help and suggestion of your doctor also.Then later on take a health insurance policy, by doing detailed homework.

  • Most insurance companies do not cover common elective conditions for a period of 2 years.Very few have it for one year. All insurances have an pre determined list of exclusion or conditions that would not be covered in the initial period.
    This is a 30 day waiting period and a specific waiting period. In 30 day period except trauma, all other will not be covered. The common ENT diseases NOT covered for 2 years would be mastoidectomy, tympanoplasty, sinus related disorders.

    Some people think they are smart and add the disease on the pre-existing list, even in this case, many companies Do Not Cover until 48 month is over. For instance pleas see the religare(an insurance company) exclusion list. (
    To the best of my knowledge, insurance now in this context will be NOT BE HELPFUL FOR EAR SURGERY. You will have to go in for a self paid surgical package.

    In the long run, the earlier we take medical insurance, the better it would be. Many companies offer a family floater policies. You can check further into Apollo Munich which might take a brother and sister as family. ( Adding your names to parents insurance would be easier. Adding a sibling on a existing policy is not often possible.

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