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    Search engine optimization analyst intern

    Having a query about the offer letter given after the recruitment process? Worried why the call letter not being received? Check out this page for advice from experts and decide your forward plan of action.

    I was interviewed for the post of search engine optimization analyst intern by a software company. After discussion with the delivery manager I got a positive response that am shortlisted and also I have met all the needs and conditions of the company. I was verbally given a statement by him that am selected from his side but he needs some discussion with higher management. I also discussed about the shift timings and joining dates by him but still I have not received the offer letter.
    Is there any possible or chances of me getting rejected after a long process? I am feeling nervous.
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  • You might have got selected in the interview carried out by Delivery Manager. Generally, the selection process will be in three to four steps. In your case, Delivery Manager might have recommended your case. But the next level interview call is not received. How many days are over by this time. If it is more than a month you can think that they might have differed the appointment. Why can't you send a mail to the company asking for the present position of your application? The final interview will be with HR if you got selected in the technical round. Send a mail or if you have the phone number you can contact them. In software companies, the matter will be settled quickly. They will not take much time.

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  • When it comes to the job, unless you get the joining letter and the schedule, there is no way you are selected. If they have not yet given to you. Then chances are that you are yet to get approved. You can wait or start applying to other places. And that should be the direction you should take from here onwards.

    Before you move on, take a follow up on the job position. And find out if you have got the job or not with the HR. That way you can set your future direction instead of waiting for the call.

  • The final process of every interview is the HR interview. As you have got selected by the delivery manager you should receive a call from HR for HR interview before they send the offer letter. It is the HR who discusses regarding salary, employee benefits, company norms and other details. If you are okay with the compensation, they will send you an offer letter. Don't get panic with the situation you face. Nowadays, many companies don't send offer letter sooner after the interview. I have seen people who were waiting for months to get an offer letter from the company. There are companies who invites new joinees batch by batch as they cannot provide training for a large group when they are in need of more resources. So that also gives you an hope that you will be called any time. You can try contacting the company through mail of phone or go in direct and enquire. If you didn't receive proper response then start for another job hunt without losing your confidence. All the best !

  • usually the SEO interviews have three rounds of interview after an online or a direct application process.
    1.written Aptitude test/logical reasoning round
    2.Technical review round again focussing on aptitude and sometimes mistakes done in the written round
    3. The last is the interview by the HR team, here they would decide on other issues related to the appointment.
    once this is done, then they have an 'incubation process' training, basically orientation and actual training related to the job in that company.
    I think you would be getting a call in the due time. Given the present job scenario, keep look for viable opportunities and if in the meanwhile contact HR team or the delivery manager with whom you have a discussion. Please do by e mail or letter or atleast a company official contact number as verbal assurances and perks promised are not held accountable until you get the actual appointment confirmation order in hand.

  • The job for which you have given interview is of technical nature related to internet area. Now from your query it is clear that they have found you technically suitable for the job and indicated you that they might hire you.

    Your interview results are forwarded to their administrative office where their might similar biodatas and detail of other shortlisted persons be accumulated. Practically speaking they should call all of them or a few depending on their assessment for the final HR interview after which they will immediately give you appointment letter.

    As in your case it is delayed you can enquire from them about your status. There is no point in becoming discouraged as you have to continuously apply in other places for job where vacancies are being advertised commensurate with your educational qualification.

    Today job position in our country is not good so it takes time to get a good job Do not panic and rather engage yourself in preparation for interviews.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Until and unless you don't get an 'offer letter' from the company then you have to try and attend the interview in a different company. Many MNC's in general won't recruit or keep the resume set pending even if they call for interview during the last quarter of the year and will call the same candidates for the next round interview on or after Mid-January.

    The next one is, the post you had mentioned is, have to take the next level interview for testing the knowledge on On-page and Off-page SEO etc. and will have their own schedule to finalize it.

  • You cannot rest assured until you get the offer letter. Hence you should not lose your other alternatives. You may attempt with other opportunities and companies.
    In your case the 'higher level' clearance would not have come. Or they may be keeping your name as standby and waiting.
    In any case, it is not prudent for you to waste your time and other chances. Sometimes you may get a better opportunity in the meantime . If so you can join without any hesitation.

  • Today as the job position is not comfortable it is natural that there will be many contestant for a job. The company will have advantage in the sense that they will have some good candidates out of the lot to select for a particular post. In such a scenario until unless an appointment letter is received from the company nothing can be speculated about it.
    So meanwhile you have to try for jobs elsewhere as vigorously as you were trying earlier.
    With your qualification you can apply for many such jobs which are advertised in the print media or internet. Please keep in touch with the job portals and upload your resume there and wait for the response.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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