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    Reliable reference books on Vijayanagara empire

    Have a query about the books relevant for historical data? Looking out for reference books on the Vijayanagara empire? You can go through the suggestions by experts on this page and get answers to all your queries.

    While studying Vijayanagara empire, I generally rely on two books, viz., (a) History of South India written by Nilakanta Shastri and (b) A Forgotten Empire: Vijayanagar; A Contribution to the History of India written by Robert Sewell.

    In this connection, I would like to know the names of some other reliable reference books on Vijayanagara empire which can be used for detailed study to understand the relationship between Vijayanagara empire and surrounding sultanates, i.e., Ahmadnagar, Bijapur, Golconda, Berar and Bidar.

    Knowledgeable Members may kindly help.
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  • 1.South India and her Mohammedan Invaders: written by KAN Sastri
    2. Early Muslim expansion in South India :
    3. Sources of Vijayanagar History
    4.Vijayanagar Sexcentenary Commemoration Volume
    5. Studies in the Third Dynasty of Vijayanagara
    6. Medieval Jainism With Reference to Vijayanagara History
    7. Social and Political Life Vijayanagara Empire Vol I ( AD 1346-AD 1646)
    8. Social and Political life in Vijayanagara Empire Vol II ( AD 1346-AD 1646)

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  • 1. The Vijayanagar Empire:Chronicles of Paes and Nuniz by
    Domingos Paes and Fernao Nuniz
    2. City of Victory:The rise and fall of Viajayanagara. Ratnakar Sadasyula
    3. A History of Vijayanagar: The never to be forgotten Empire, Part 1 & 2
    by Bangalore Suryanarain Row
    4. Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India,Volume:1 by Jaswant Lal Mehta
    5.Vijayanagara Voices: Exploring South Indian History and Hindu Literature by By William J. Jackson
    6. Adil Shahi Dynasty: (Bijapur District, Deccan Plateau, Bahmani Sultanate, Aurangzeb, Yusuf Adil Shah, Ibrahim Adil Shah I, Mohammed Adil Shah, Qutb Shahi Dynasty) by Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, John McBrewster
    7. Concise History of Islam By Muzaffar Husain Syed, Syed Saud Akhtar, B D Usmani
    8. Sultans of Deccan India, 1500–1700: Opulence and Fantasy By Navina Najat Haidar, Marika Sardar
    9. The History of Deccan by JDE Gribble ( two volumes) Mittal Publications
    10.Life and Achievements of Sri Krishnadevaraya by R. Gopal, Karnataka (India). Directorate of Archaeology & Museums published by Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Karnataka, 2010. This book has been digitalised in 2017.

  • Many good books have already been suggested by the members. I do not want to repeat it.

    I have come across a very concise blog regarding Vijayanagara empire nicely explaining many events in a chronological manner. I feel it will also be a useful resource for your study. The link is -

    Another great resource I found is at
    In above site lot of reference books and material is given. I think some of those may also be helpful in your quest to get authentic information on Vijayanagara empire.

    Knowledge is power.

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