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    Provisional Document verification in CRPF

    Applying for CRPF recruitment? Have a query about replacing provisional degree certificate with original? On this page, you can get advice from experts for your queries.

    I have given CRPFf examination. During documentation I have submitted provisional degree which was issued by college but now I have got degree from university.
    Is there any problem with that or I have to change college provisional with university degree?
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  • No. There will not be any problem. During the course of document verification, you can tell them that you have not received original when you have applied for the job. But now you got the original certificate. Anyhow you will have the provisional also with you. You can carry that also with you when you go for document verification. All the best to you.

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  • This scenario won't get you into any trouble. For most of the degree programs, original degree Certificate will be issued only after Convocation. Provisional Certificate will be issued to the students who has passed the university exams and completed the degree. It is issued as a temporary certificate to facilitate the students to submit when applying for higher education or competitive exams. The invigilators in document verification very well know this practice in University and colleges, so you don't have to worry and stay cool. During document verification carry original and a copy of both provisional and original degree certificate. Best wishes for your future!

  • No issues anticipated in your case. While submitting your application form.You have completed your CRPF recruitment examination and now you have received your original degree. The chronology of events and the dates are in order as far the certificates are concerned. Provisional degree certificates are valid documents from the date of issue to the date of issue of the original degree certificate. Also, CRPF appointments are provisional until the final scrutiny of mandatory documents at the time of medical examination,trade test and at the time of joining the force.
    If your degree is via open university, then it should be recongised by the Distance Education Council, IGNOU.

  • No issue. You have to submit all the original documents in proof of your claim for the job need to be submitted for verification at the time of joining only. Till then your selection is totally provisional and any false information is detect during the verification of documents, the appointment would be cancelled. In this case the copy of the provisional certificate issued by the institute in the absence of Original degree certificate is very much valid. You can submit both at the time of selection/when the department concerned asks for verification as suggested in the above responses.


  • Absolutely not. You will not face any problem. In many Universities, the certificates of Graduation and Post-Graduation are issued much later, because the Convocation ceremonies are delayed because of various reasons. So, the candidates apply for various jobs on the basis of provisional degree certificate.

    I applied for and was selected for five Government jobs-all on the basis of provisional certificate(s) issued by University of Calcutta. I didn't have any problem anywhere.

    The recruiting agencies know the ground realities very well, So, they don't have any problem in accepting provisional certificates from UGC-approved universities.

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  • Actually I have submitted provisional degree which was issued by college not by university but now have certificate which is issued by university. That's the matter so is there any problem with that

  • Mr. Thakur. No problem. If the university has now issued the certificate, then collect it and submit it at the time of document verification. There would not be any problem.

    At the same time, please remember that if you qualify your Graduation, the date of appearing the last paper is treated as the date of qualifying the examination. Many candidates don't know this and think that the date written on the certificate is the date of qualifying, but that is not the case. The date of last paper of the examination is considered the date of qualifying the examination.

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  • As it takes time for the University to prepare the degree certificate and hand over or send it to the students there is a provision of issuing provisional degree from the college itself so that the students do not have problem in applying at various places for jobs etc. The provisional degree is an officially authentic document which is accepted everywhere in respect of your qualification.

    So there is no problem and till you get your original degree certificate from the University you can produce it wherever it is required.

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  • There is absolutely no problem with provisional degree certificate as that is accepted as an authentic document and will be taken in consideration while document verification process in connection with a job.
    As it takes time to receive the final degree certificate from the University and they generally link it to the convocation function, till that time the provisional degree certificate is to be used for applying anywhere or for verification at the time of interviews or joining jobs.

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  • No problem can be anticipated in submission of the provisional certificate since the same, too, is considered as an authentic certification. So in the entire process of selection, you can produce such a certificate for the claim of your eligibility for the post. Please ensure that the university with which you persued your case is recognised through UGC in order to avoid any complication - likely to arise in case of non recognition of the same through UGC.
    Selection - board is aware of the inconvenience being faced by the aspirants in collection of the original - certificates, which are normally distributed in the convocation - ceremony and this takes place sometimes very late depending upon several factors. So, you need not worry on that account.

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