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    Syllabus of PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights of Annamalai University

    Planning to study IPR PG Diploma? Looking out for the details of syllabus, study material and previous year's question papers? Check out this Ask Expert page for answers to all your questions.

    I am planning to take the PG Diploma Intellectual Property Rights examination of Annamalai University. Anyone in this forums having the syllabus and study materials? Also I am looking for previous years question papers, at least 5 years.
    Can you provide the same?
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  • I did make a search for the required information sought by the author but could not find it. I would advise the editor to shift this post to ask experts so that right information from other members can be had.

    K Mohan
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  • Hello Mohan,
    I searched this forum and got previous year question papers (for May 2010 and May 2012). Annamalai University provide study materials either online (soft copy) or hard copy. So thought of asking if some have access to soft copy of the syllabus and study materials. Any way next month I will get it. But I am curious to see it before. But it will be helpful to have some more question papers.

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  • The old question papers are available in the site of the university, from the year 2012. You can download I am giving the address of the site where from you can download the papers.

    always confident

  • Hello Dr Srinivasa Rao,
    I am curious to know how you able to download! is that site really works? or any other website for downloading please check!

  • PG Diploma Intellectual Property Rights examination of Annamalai University.
    Question papers of all years have 4 except dec 2010 wherein the website has only three papers. You can down the paper in Tamil and Hindi fonts also
    140 - COMMERCIALISATION OF PATENTS (only 3 papers)

  • i tried for few papers randomly and the links I have give works, at least on my laptop. Good luck

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  • 1.Syllabus for PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights ( this download works).

    2. Study material. This is available as a zip file with many pdf file in each of the subsections. Please check before download.
    MIP-001 General Overview of Intellectual Property
    Block-1 Intellectual Property Rights: Concepts And Forms
    Block-2 Role Of Intellectual Property In Growth And Development
    Block-3 Protecting Intellectual Property
    Block-4 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) And World Trade Organization (WTO)

    MIP-002 Industrial Property: Patents, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits and Plant Varieties
    Block-1 Patents, Paris Convention
    Block-2 International Patent System
    Block-3 Trips, Designs
    Block-4 Plant Varieties And Biotechnology

    MIP-003 Industrial Property: Trademarks, Geographical Indicators, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
    Block-1 Trademarks
    Block-2 International Treaties Affecting Trademarks
    Block-3 Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets And Unfair Competition

    MIP-004 Copyrights and Related Rights
    Block-1 Copyright: An Introduction
    Block-2 International Conventions
    Block-3 International Conventions On Related Rights
    Block-4 Impact Of New Technology

    MIP-005 Protection of Industrial Property at the National Level
    Block-1 Patent Protection In India
    Block-2 Protection Of Designs And Trademarks In India
    Block-3 Protection Of Other Industrial Property
    Block-4 Operational Aspects Of Protecting Ip In India

    MIP-006 Protection of Copyright and Related Rights at the National Level
    Block-1 Protection Of Copyright In India
    Block-2 The Copyright Act, 1957
    Block-3 Collective Management Of Copyright And Related Rights In India
    Block-4 Administration Of Copyright And Related Rights In India

    MIP-007 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
    Block-1 Overview Of Ipr Enforcement
    Block-2 Trips Agreements And Enforcement
    Block-3 IPR Litigation And Settlement Of Disputes

    MIP-008 Contemporary Intellectual Property Issues
    Block-1 IP In Cyber World
    Block-2 Technology Advances And IPR
    Block-3 IP Issues In Developing Countries
    Block-4 Economic Issues In IPR

  • Deaf Mr Natarajan,
    Thank you for proving me the information. I tried my level best to download question papers from those sites. But those links are not working. Annamalai University (AU) website is not working at all! Please check. There are two PG Diploma courses in intellectual property in AU. One is P.G. Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Laws (code: 494) and the other is P.G. Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (code 288). I am interested in the second one, code 288. This second course (code 288) has only three papers and one practicals:
    1. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, Laws and Acts,
    2. Patents, Designs, Copyrights and Trademarks,
    3. Plant Varieties Protection, Biodiversity and Geographical Indications.
    4. Practical.
    Unfortunately you have given details of the first course and syllabus for IGNOU, but I am looking for AU.
    I have question papers for May 2010, Dec 2010, May 2012. If you are able to download please download for 288 and send to my email address. Or AU website works only in India???
    Thanks and regards, Raj.

  • I'm Not sure why you are having problems (you already have 2010,2012). I have checked the links each of them, I am able to download.

    The questions that I have downloaded from the same site. December 2011.
    (Intellectual property rights)
    110. introduction to ipr laws and acts

    SECTION-A (5×3=15)
    Answer any FIVE questions
    I. Define the following
    5. Trade mark
    6. Trade Secret
    7. Plant Variety
    Write short note on any FIVE of the following (5×5=25)
    8.Why IPR is needed?
    9.What is the mandate of WTO.
    11.Copy right.
    12. Designs
    13. Property Law
    14. License
    SECTION-B (5×12=60)
    Answer ALL questions

    15.a) What are the benefits of IPR? (OR)b) How IPR is managed in public funded institutions.
    16.a) Discuss IPR in agriculture. (OR)b) Explain environmental implications of IPR.
    17.a) Discuss the role of WIPO. (OR)b) Explain importance of patents and copyrights.
    18.a) What are the salient features of Indian Patent Act? Discuss. (OR)b) Discuss Geographical Indications in Agriculture.
    19.a) Explain how a proposal for patent should be filed in India.(OR)b) List the significant features of protection on plant varieties and Fairness Rights Act 2001.

  • So far as the syllabus of PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights is concerned, itt is not available in the net. You will find it in the prospectus. I would advise you to get the old prospectus checked from any study centre of Annamalai University. If you can convince them, they will allow you to get the syllabus photocopied. I know from my personal experience (two of my Masters degrees are from this University) that every Regional Centre/Study Centre of Annamalai University has one attached library where old prospectus and question papers are kept.

    Just now I have checked the question papers from . The question papers can be downloaded. If downloading is still not possible by you, get the hard-copies photocopied from the nearest Regional Centre/Study Centre as mentioned above.

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  • Hello All,
    Thanks for your reply. It seems that Annamalai University website is working only in India. Can some one of you download all previous year question papers of course code 288 and upload here or please send me

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    I have attached the downloads for 2011. If it's Ok and acceptable by the editors,the other members can upload rest of the years that you want. Good luck.


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  • Hello Natarajan,
    Thanks for your help! Seems deleted by admin. I asked my friends to send me the remaining question papers.
    Regards, raj.

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