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    Is buying a Kindle (EBook reader) now a good idea or what are other suitable alternatives?

    Have a query about the value of buying a kindle? Wondering whether it is worth the investment? Resolve your concerns by reading the suggestions and advice from experts here.

    Earlier we used to have separate gadgets or appliances for separate purpose and use. With the popular use of the modern smart phones, we got the benefit and convenience of many facilities needing to keep just one gadget with us.

    But even now people have their E-Book readers. I am really confused whether to buy an E-Book reader ( Amazon Kindle for example) or use my existing devices-Smartphone, tablet, laptop – for downloading books by subscribing to renting or buying individually as per need.

    I would like to get answer from experienced members on the main pros and cons and the benefits and handicaps of subscription options thereon.
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  • It depends on your requirement and your habit of reading. Using a smartphone books down loading is not very good. Because the screen is small and reading is not very easy. A laptop will be good for downloading and reading. But always carrying the laptop is very easy. It is heavy and requires a bag separately. So in between a tablet or kindle is the better option. A tablet will have more uses but it is costly when compared to kindle. If it is purely books downloading and reading going for a kindle appears to be a best option. We have kindle in our house. We use it for book reading. I think it will be a wise idea to go for a kindle.

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  • Now a days there are many applications available for reading ebooks in smart phones. So if one is really interested in reading one can use the smartphone also. Only thing is to learn about various formats and how to open them in smartphone using the apps.

    Kindle ebook reader is a specifically designed gadget which can access kindle store for purchasing books or getting some free books.

    Anyway I was an avid book reader till recently and now as I have diverted myself to creative writing I will like to share my experience here. I got most of the books free from and other similar sites and earlier read them in my laptop or tablet. Now as I have got a smartphone I never needed a kindle.

    Still it is ones choice and if one wants to have no hassles of formats and apps installations and their handling one can go for such a dedicated device.

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  • In my view the choice depends on you, the time you spend reading, the quality of the reading experience you expect and the number of people using it.
    Serious readers, wanting an pleasant and comfortable reading experience, need for a range of books and at least two users, then you can go for a Kindle.
    In reality some families do not have time to spend reading worthy enough to invest on kindle. We have a kindle that's idle except for 2 days a week. The tab our son has is used more often.
    When it comes to a stand alone gadget for comfort than a multi use gadget, people often choose the multi use option and compromise.
    The pros of a kindle are wider screen, built in light, wi fi for downloads, easy on the eyes and a pleasant reading experience with good quality.
    The smart phonehas a major drawback that is the screen sizze, reading what's up message or sms is OK but when it comes to reading page after page it becomes annoying trying to scroll, enlarge and read with a strain on the eyes.
    My suggestion is to consider a tab that we can get for 6000-10000 that can double up as a reading tab, music tab at home ( morning prayer songs), play time tab for kids and for us tab becomes useful when we travel also (google maps,documents,booking copies etc can be read easily).

  • Kindle is dedicated ebook device. And only benefit of it over tablets is the screen glare designed in such way that it does not affect if you read it in broad daylight or the night. Apart from this e-ink technology. There seems to be no benefit of the kindle. Any other random tablet can do the job that kindle is doing. On that basis you can definitely go for the Samsung Tablets that are priced above 10K or above depending on the size of the screen.

    You can download Kindle app on any smartphone and tablet. And that should be also more than enouogh for the usage. You can also download the ebooks from sources such as,, etc.

  • Either use 6 or 6.1 inch Smartphone or Tablet PCs (7 or more inches with SIM option to carry around) to read the ebook. If you are really interested to use the Kindle leaving smartphone or basic mobile phone then buy it. The choice is your's since each gadget will have pros and cons in a different angle.

  • Now a days many gadgets are available to do the same task. One can read an ebook in his desktop computer or laptop or kindle or smartphone.
    Kindle is very popular as it is a dedicated gadget for reading books and is supporter by Amazon in a great way by providing numerous books to its users.
    If a little bit efforts are done a smartphone can be used for this purpose very ecficiently as there are apps through which ebook in different format can be read. So to avoid duplication of gadgets smartphone is a good choice. It makes economic sense also.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Kindle ebook readers are suitable for avid ebook reading people. If you plan to read more ebooks or if you are already a habituated ebook reader then kindle reader is a good option for you. Though the ebook reading functionality is available in various smartphone and tablets, the kindle reader provide more convenient and better way of reading books. The technology used in kindle reader does not strain your eyes as it happens in the case of smartphone or tablets. Kindle bookstore is available for people to subscribe for ebooks.


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