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    Difference between college provisional degree and university provisional degree

    Wondering whether there is a difference between the College and University while issuing Provisional certificate? Which one is valid? Go through the views of our experts here to resolve the query.

    I have given para military examinations and during
    Documentation I submitted provisional degree which was issued by college not by university but now I have provisional degree of university. So is there any problem with that suggest me please what to do.
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  • In a University there are many colleges. The colleges issue the degree of University. Degrees are not given by the College.So both degrees are same. Nothing wrong in those. If the degree issued by the college has the name of the university, in which the college.

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  • The Graduation examination is being conducted by the University under which the college is affilliated. As the examination is conducted by a University, the Registration No., Admit card, Marksheet and finally the Certificate are issued by the examination-conducting University. The college has no authority to issue certificate (be it provisional) for Graduation.

    I would advse you to immediately apply for provisional certificate from the concerned University. However, if you have received the mark-sheet from the University, that is also accepted by the recruiting agencies.

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  • A college in which you have studied will give you a transfer certificate and conduct certificate, but not provisional certificate. No college is authorised to issue a provisional certificate as far as my knowledge goes. You have to take a provisional certificate from the University only. So if you ahve already h a provisional certificate issued by the university you submit that for document verification. If you don't have that please apply immediately for the provisional certificate from the University and submit it for verification. The PC issued by the college may not be accepted at the time of document verification. Please act at the earliest if required.

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  • You have stated that now you have the provisional degree from the University. I don't think you need to apply for anything more.

    Provisional certificates are issued by institution are often passing certificates stating that you have completed the course. The Universities issue provisional Degree certificates which are legally valid until the formal degree certificate is issued. Once the formal degree certificate is issued the provisional one loses its sanctity. In the interim provisional certificate are valid for submission for potential recruitment.

    When there is document verification, then please give them this university degree. If you are still worried, speak to the concerned recruitment office as ask them do you need to submit an attested copy of this provisional university degree now or at the time of the document verification. That would give you more comfort that us stating that everything is fine.

  • Provisional certificate cannot be issued by any affiliated college even if the college falls under self financing or deemed category. Provisional certificate is a proof of completion of degree without any outstanding arrears. It stands as a temporary degree certificate until graduation and in most cases provisional certificate is of no use after getting the actual degree certificate.

    As Mr.Natarajan said you no more need to worry if you already got a provisional certificate or degree certificate issued by university .

  • Hi Friend
    The provisional degree certificate which you have given at the time of document verification is also issued only by the university under which your collage is running and your collage cannot give any provisional certificate of its own.

    Universities provide provisional certificate after the completion of Graduation which is valid only for 3 months.So, after 3 months any graduate have to apply for original degree certificate and Complete Marks memo which is issued by respective university.

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