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    Can we pursue Two PG courses via distant mode from the same University?

    Do you have a query to pursue Two PG courses via distant mode from the same University? Our experts would guide you and check this page here.

    I am doing distance post graduation and completed my first year. Now I wanted to do another PG(Distant mode) in another course in same University. I consulted University regarding this. It's a well recognised university. They told me to do it, but I have to show only one pg as it is against the dec rules. Even though there is clearly one year gap in completing both degrees, why can't I claim both?
    Nobody knows the actual information regarding this. They also told me that only 1 distance and 1 regular is valid and both regular or both distance are invalid.. I can't study peacefully with this issue. Are they both valid or not? If they are, can you pls provide me the sources and guidelines?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes you can go for both the courses. When they present you the certificate for both the courses both are valid only. The information you got from the university person is not reliable. Get an official authenticated information. You can definitely allow showing both the diplomas when they admit you to the course and when they allow you to write the exam and when they present you the certificate. Hence there is no problem you can do both the courses and you can show both the diplomas.

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  • The source of confusion is regarding the courses at the same time and the accepted combinations. Two regular courses at the same time are not allowed. One regular and one distance or open education is allowed. The combination of yours two distance in the same university is not clear as the documents do not mention it clearly.

    Some Universities have implemented this with some modifications that the second-degree course must be from another university. This may be the case in your case.

    The landmark decision of two courses was based on the recommendations of Dr.Furqan Qamar, Head of the expert panel to UGC in 2012. But there is the notice on the UGC website in 2016 that two courses are not allowed. Hence the confusion. I suggest that you write to the UGC directly and the Registrar of the concerned university before starting your second course.

  • Source:1 The expert panel report that many people quote to justify two simultaneous degrees.

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  • Source:2 The UGC standing on two courses that is on the UGC website, does not specify regular or open course, hence open to misinterpretation.

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  • As per my knowledge two course in a same academic session from a particular is not permissible. You can show only one degree in a single time. So if you do course simultaneously then it may create a problem for you.

  • It is possible and there is no issues in pursuing two degrees at a time until you are comfortable with your schedules.

    I got a friend who completed MBA in distance and MCA in regular both at a time. Even when he traveled abroad for his job employer considered both the degrees and immigration authorities also recognized both the degrees in a pro rata basis.

  • As per available provision, one can go in two courses of different streams if persued by different universities. This is valid for the regular courses. But in cases, where one is continuing a regular course and is interested for another degree through the distance - mode, there is no scope for refusal for such proceedings.
    In your case, it would be better to seek the opinion from the concerned university regarding your perusal of the courses in different streams and such query will certainly help you in wiping out your confusion.

  • No, You can not do two degree courses simultaneously either from same university or other universities. But you can do one degree and one diploma courses simultaneously.

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