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    Rename PAN card to maiden name

    Have a query pertaining to PAN card? Want to know how to change the name on the card? Here, on this ask Expert page find advice from experts and resolve your query.

    I am an NRI(Indian citizen residing in USA).I am married but have decided to retain my maiden name in every document including Indian passport(everywhere in USA as well). However years before, my family applied for my PAN card which states my marriage name, by showing my marriage certificate, though I have never officially changed my maiden name anywhere. This is creating a lot of issues for me everywhere in India. I want to change my PAN card to my maiden name. I am told that if I apply for a brand new card then it will check my fathers name and date of birth and hence will find that there is another card with a different surname already in the system, so it will reject my application.
    If I apply for a change/correction than they will ask proof of my marriage name and I have no document with my marriage name except my marriage certificate.

    What am I suppose to do in this case'?

    P.S. maiden name means surname before marriage
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  • You want to retain your maiden name in the PAN card, but already have a PAN card with husband's surname. You have to apply online for change of name in the PAN card in the prescribed proforma. But before that, you have to sign an affidavit stating that Ms. XYZ (maiden name) and Ms. XPQ (name after marriage) are same.

    Thereafter, you have to fill up PAN Change Request Form online. You are required to submit requisite fee , Photograph and relevant documents including the affidavit. The necessary change will be carried out and new PAN card will be issued in a month, provided all necessary documents and requisite fee are submitted.

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  • You can apply for a change in the name online. If you go to PAN site he will direct you to the application for the change. You can do it online. Then you have to take a copy of your application and attach the required certificate.
    You have to attach proof for your maiden name, the proof for the name after marriage, a Passport size photograph and fee as required. I feel that your marriage certificate issued by the registrar oo registration office is acceptable. Otherwise, you have to attach an affidavit and forward it to the address given. Then within 30 to 45 days, you will receive the new PAN card. You can track the position of your application online.

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  • You have a pan card with your husband's name as the surname and now want to revert back to your maiden name.
    The guidelines commonly available are for the other way round. You may have to be clear about the legal status of your marriage. Do you have any life insurance or joint deposits or joint accounts in your current name ( husband's name as the surname)
    What is the actual name on your AAdaar card, Driving license and Voters ID.
    Since you are an NRI do you have any NRI/NRE account or deposits in India or deposits/mortgages overseas?
    I would suggest please consider all these and the implications of your name change on each aspect of your financial instrument, assets and legal rights to shared property etc. Only when sure, change your Pancard. If need be consulted a good tax consultant who knows the legal implications very well.

    The documents you supply or upload (proof of address, proof of identity and proof of date of birth) in support of your application and the form name should match.
    So, you need to align all the other document in the name you want
    Make an affidavit authorizing your name change
    Publish in two newspapers and keep both in hand
    Then you can proceed with your application for the name change.

    You can also take time to check the information given under DOs and DONTs and form filling with supporting documents that are mandatory.

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