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    College provisional degree validation

    Worried about validation of college provisional certificate? Looking out for support to resolve your query? On this Ask Expert page get advice and suggestions for all your queries.

    Is the provisional degree issued by college and not by university is valuable or not?
    I have applied for a job on the basis of college provisional certificate. Is there any problem with that? Can you suggest me what to do now since I got provisional certificate from university?
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  • Provisional certificate itself is'provisional'. It has to be issue by the authority which conducted the examination and under whose name the degree is issued. A provisional certificate from college can serve just a supporting statement that the candidate has completed the course from the college , and passed the eligibility examination(degree examination) and will begetting his degree certificate in due course. It may be accepted by some firms if all other papers proving eligibility for the job are available verified in their original.

    Now that you have received the provisional certificate from University, you may submit the self attested copy of the same to them and ask them to substitute this in place of the earlier college certificate. This has a better validity until the final degree certificate is received.

  • Provisional certificates from the colleges are normally awarded to allow the aspirants to carry on their further activities in the direction of persuance of their studies or in the service field. In facts, concerned University may take time to issue the original certificate of your qualifying examination and to make up for such delay, provisional certificates are issued.
    You may apply for your job with the provisional certificate. What is needed to apply for a job is to provide to the concerned office the copies of attested photocopies of original mark - sheet and the provisional certificate duly attested by the appropriate authorities such as SDO, First class magistrate, a Civil surgeon of a Government - hospital or the Principal of the colleges.

  • The provisional certificate issued by the college is not a valid document. It is only a supporting document that you have completed the course and passed the exam. The provisional certificate should be from the authority who conducted the exam and under the seal of which institute you are getting your certificate. So the provisional certificate should be obtained from the concerned University. You have to apply for that certificate to the university with the prescribed fee. After the results are declared you can apply for the PC and if you go and pursue in the university you will get it. You please do the needful and get your PC. That will be the best action you have to take now. All the best to you.

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