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    Eligibility to teach Engineering Chemistry in engineering colleges

    Aspiring to teach in an engineering college? Confused about the eligibility of teaching Chemistry? Here, on this page find suggestions and the correct eligibility criteria to take up this teaching job.

    I have completed my M.Sc chemistry with first class. Am I eligible to apply for teaching Chemistry in engineering colleges?
    Do i need to qualify NET exam?
    Is any teaching experience needed?
    I'm a fresher with no experience in teaching. What will be the approximate payment?
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  • My answers to your questions are:-

    (a) Yes, you are eligible to work as Lecturer in Engineering Colleges. However, kindly note that most of the Engineering Colleges prefer candidates with specialization in Industrial Chemistry or in similar applied Chemistry subject(s).
    (b) Qualifying National Eligibility Test (NET) would help you to apply for the post of Lecturer in Government Engineering Colleges as well as other Government Colleges. As far as private Engineering Colleges are concerned, this provision (qualifying the NET) is not compulsory, but desirable.
    (c) Is it possible for a fresher to have teaching experience? There must be some entry point for every experienced Lecturer. Teaching experience is again not compulsory, but desirable.
    (d) In Government Engineering Colleges, there is a fixed pay scale. At the entry point, a Lecturer gets around Rs. 60,000/- p.m. in smaller cities and Rs. 75,000/- p.m. in metro cities (approximately). However, in private Engineering Colleges, there is no fixed scale. A freshly recruited Lecturer can expect a consolidated pay of Rs. 30,000/- p.m.

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  • This issue requires some clarity because as per the decision of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) those who did their M Sc before 2010 and pursued their M Tech or PhD afterwards are eligible for lecturership in Engineering colleges. From this it appears that M Tech or PhD is required for lecturership. Only M Sc will not suffice.

    Anyway whether all the universities or colleges are following this decision is not known clearly. So one has to appear in NET and only after successfully clearing it can find the situation in this regard.

    Meanwhile one can pursue Ph D also in the relevant field so that one remains in touch with academics till a suitable job is obtained.

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  • Please go through the following.
    1. Postgraduates in chemistry are eligible for teaching chemistry to Engineering students. But you are not eligible to get the UGC scales. If you want to be a full-time lecturer with UGC scales either you have to get qualified in NET or you should have a doctorate degree. Then only you will be eligible to get full salary.
    2. No prior experience is required to join as a lecturer.
    3. fresh postgraduates are also eligible for lecturer post.
    4. If you qualify in NET and if you get UGC scales your starting salary will be around Rs.60,000/-. But in private colleges, they are giving fewer salaries. I know some college where they are taking M.Sc persons with Rs.20,000/- per month. This depends on the college.
    5. If you want to settle in teaching line my sincere advice is try to get qualified in NET. Then only you can have a good career.

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  • Your B.Sc and M.Sc must be from a college approved by AICTE and recognized university. If any of these are distance education program mode then it should be UGC approved.

    You need to complete the National Eligibility Test for the government lecturer appointments

    If you have an aptitude for research, Have you checked the Council of scientific and industrial (CSIR) website? Since you have a Masters degree, give a thought of taking up the CSIR UGC NET exams that is a pathway for applying for Lecturership at Indian Universities.
    The rest would be as per the advise of other members above.

  • Yes, you can apply for the Lecturership inan engineering college bu before it, you have to ensure the validity of your degree in terms of UGC recognition. So far as teaching in a private engineering college is concerned, you will not face any constraint but it is very sure that emoluments may not match you expectation, it may be as low as 20000/- per month.
    In order to widen your career prospects, you can go in for NET test conducted by CBSE. This will help you in achieving the job in a government engineering college and you may enjoy higher perks - to the level of 60000/- PM. Later, you may add some diplomas such as Polymer - chemistry, Industrial - chemistry etc for widening your career prospects.

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