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    Hired by internship with job guarantee

    Worried whether internship will be converted into a permanent job? Looking out for advice online? Here, on this page find advice form experts for all your queries.

    I was interviewed and selected for web analyst - intern. I was informed initially that I will be paid a stipend amount for 6 months, they will give the job permanently, and the salary will also be revised. I am also sure that I will work towards and prove myself. But I am nervous whether they will surely promote me as after 6 months irrespective of my performance?
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  • You have been posted as web analyst as an intern. It means you are under observation and it is a type of probation.

    Please concentrate in your work confidently and do not mind if you asked to stay extra hours in office or asked to do some other work.

    If your performance is good in your core work then in all probability they will absorb you after 6 months as a regular employee and will offer you the commensurate remuneration.

    Please do not be unnecessarily perturbed and rather focus your attention in your work. You will get the desired success.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is nice that you are taken as a trainee in a field you are interested. Now you should take it in the right spirit that you are a 'prospective employee'. You are now in on the job raining phase to an extent.

    You should use this opportunity to learn the work and all its dimensions practically recalling what you learned as applicable here. As you are practically a job learner now, you should put sincere efforts to learn the work under the guidance of the experienced seniors assigned to supervise your work. You should get your doubts cleared. You may use the library in the department(if available) to learn more about the section and department job applications, theory etc. You should also learn about the companies policies, products etc which available in the company's internal communication to employees and trainees,the core focus etc. You may be assigned independent tasks or responsibilities on the spheres you got training and exposure. You should complete the tasks with proper responsibility and sincerity.

    Your progress,attitude and knowledge will be monitored and will be positioned in a slot they find apt to you under the company policy.

    You need not keep any doubts or worries about your future post or salary etc now. A company will not send out a trained and potential ,hardworking candidate. So just concentrate on your job and job learning to progress steadily.
    Best Wishes.

  • In the present scenario, I must say that you are lucky enough to have got the assignment of web - analyst. This oppurtunity has to be exploited to the fullest extent since the management would like to assess your performance, integrity and your skill to perform the job.
    You will be put to your job where you will be exposed to new tools and learning such inputs will be benificial to you ultimately. Your seniors will guide you in learning the different modules required in the job and moreover, they would gauge your alacrity, devotion and other parameters. So, you will be constantly evaluated in relation to newly acquired job. Hence you must learn the job sincerely so that after the expiry of six month tenure, you will grab the job with higher perks.
    Even if we think the worst side where you fail to satisfy the management with your performance, you would get the similar oppurtunity in the future because of your enriched experience. So without fear, learn the important tools which will definitely strengthen your job - skills.

  • Glad that you have a job,even if it's and intern with only a stipend. You, in fact have a good practical chance at hand to prove yourself and get the job that's promised. In many fields, this is a chance for the employer and the employee to get acquainted better and decide on the suitability, remuneration etc.
    Please study the company, its products, its clients,the company's website, how it can be improved,web portal, integrity of the systems,site protocols and drafts,checking databases,marketing plans,analyzing trends and contents of the client's requirements etc. Choose a few avenues that are your strengths and focus on assessing the shortcomings and areas of improvement.

    Once you are in the intern program, in the beginning try to blend in the team rather than trying to be smart and pointing out faults or giving opinions without being asked. Once the people around you 'accept' you as a colleague, then you can start contributing your inputs on the areas that you think you can make a difference. Any job that comes your way, do it diligently to prove that you are the right candidate for the permanent job. Don't hesitate to shadow or tag along with one or two good senior employees who are good at teaching practical tips. In a month or two you would be comfortable.

    Nothing is assured in terms of promotions 6 months down the line but if you are sincere in your efforts to work and have the keeness and aptitude to learn I'm sure the company would promote you. While you are there, please gradually cultivate your contacts as thye would be resourceful in the future at the same company or in your search for a better job. If by chance they don't promote you don't be disheartened, you will have a certificate of expereince as an intern, our stipend, some references.

    It's worth refresh what makes a good web analyst.The key focus areas would be your skills or proficiency in data visualization, problem solving, communication, adaptation and technical areas. Have a grasp of traffic drivers and how you can improve traffic pathways etc. All the best.

  • It is good that you got a posting as Web Analyst. For any post when fresh candidates are selected they will be taken as trainees orIntern. The period of training will vary from six months to one year. But the confirmation of the job purely depends on your performance. It will not get automatically permanent. So you should concentrate on your job and get the appraisal correct then only, you will get confirmed with a permanent post. So you have to be very sincere and punctual to your duties and should show your talent and interest towards the job. Otherwise to get confirmed in the post is a very difficult issue. One issue you should keep in mind is that in a private job nothing is guaranteed. You should work hard and you should earn your salary.

    always confident

  • You have been working as an intern. Your performance is surely being monitored. If your performance satisfies the management, there is a fair chance of getting permanent employment in the organisatiton with improved pay package and other benefits admissible to the employees of the company. But nothing can be taken for granted.

    There are various factors involved. The market condition, the company's own financial condition, cost-cutting exercises, labour issues, etc. are other factors which will be considered by the management before offering you employment.

    I feel that you must not think too much about the future. Go on performing your duty with utmost sincerity and learn new aspects in your field of work. Something good definitely awaits you.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • Who are selected as an internship is monitered by the management to watch out your performance. To convert internship into a permanent job then stay connected and maintain relationship with the peoples or supervisor professionally as well as personally. Identify and enhance professional goals like skill development in web analyst. Everyone feels like you're a nice member the team. You need to work hard and when supervisor or any other within the community or organization appreciate your work that means you got the permanent job you are looking for. If any tasks or projects given by the supervisor for customize then complete the task on time help you to get a permanent job. Every company have different rules and regulations in an internship, some may put strong eligibility crieteria while hiring permanent empolyess. Through internship you may gain experience because you live with the company culture and gives you an opportunity to understand their services and products.

  • I would suggest you the following points so as to ensure that you are not disappointed: -
    • Please take in written as a hard copy or through mail the points they promised you they would give you after six months
    • In addition to this please work hard and diligently and build a good repo among the peer group.
    • It is good that you are getting time to learn a technology and work in an organization. This would certainly help you in your future
    • Above all I would like to advice that learn as this is the first job you are taking and pave the path for your future endeavors to strive even better.
    Good Luck for your future

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