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    Which country is best to have a career as a Pharmacist

    Aspiring to take up a pharmacy related career? Have a query about its scope in countries other than India? No worries, here you can find the responses from experts to all your concerns.

    I am a average scorer, final year student with a score of 5 CGPA in B.Pharmacy from Amity university. I am planning to settle abroad after doing a post graduation from that particular country. Which country would be best for having a career as a pharmacist or pharmacy related work? Which programmes or courses you would recommend?

    p.s : Not looking for research work as a career
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  • There are many countries which are good destination for career as a pharmacist as there is a requirement there. After completing B Pharma one has to arrange for VISA and after reaching there has also to complete the mandatory courses there which are required for foreign nationals to join a job in that particular country. One has to arrange adequate finance for such course along with finance for boarding and lodging.

    The pay structure of pharmacist also differs from one country to another depending on their demand and other factors there.

    Some of the countries which are good destination for this are -
    Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden and USA.

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  • Pharmacists are in good demands almost in all counties especially in the europion countries owing to health conciousness of the people residing over there. In order to make a career in the same profession outside you country, you need to consider a few points enlisted below-
    1) Choose the country where you will feel safe both physically and mentally.
    2) Your financial - position should be such that you could meet your essential requirements in the initial days, when you could not get the job initially or are trying for a job.
    3) The climate of that country must suit you so as to sustain your job.
    4) Accomplish your visa - formalities for the country for which you would like to make your ultimate destination.
    You can lead your life comfortably with your Pharmacist career in the following countries - England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland and USA. Singapore could also prove to be a comfortable country in respect of your career growth.

  • A pharmacist will have better chances in many countries. You can try for any European country like England, France, Germany etc., There are many chances in America also. But to go for post graduation to any foreign country, you should go for GATE examination. You should get a good score in GATE. Then you have to select a good university and you have to join for M'Pharm. Post-graduation course in Clinical Chemistry or pharmacology or medicinal Chemistry are a good subject for better prospectus in Research and Development wing.

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  • You have a B Pharma and want to have a master abroad and pursue your career. It is important to be aware of a few facts
    1. doing your M Pharm overseas does not guarantee you Visa or work permit in that country.
    2. Pharmacist jobs abroad come with a huge focus on accountability or knowledge, errors and mistakes related to medicine dispensing are taken seriously and could invite suspension.
    3. Tuition fees for international candidates are higher, cost of living for students vary from country to country.

    First, assess whether you would meet the criteria to enter the country as a student and the criteria to apply for work permit. There are too many countries and it's difficult to list everything.

    For instance, you if consider England as your destination. I would suggest the below

    1.Choose a reputed college for your M.Pharma, King's College London is a globally reputed college (7th in the world university ranking for pharmacy). It's an accredited four-year program that would enable you to get professional registered as a pharmacist. The college can guide you through the pre-registration placement also.
    Once you complete the M.Pharm, then you can apply for the General Pharmaceutical Council registration which is mandatory to be licensed in England.

    2.Before being awarded the license you need to complete two important steps.
    a. A 52 week pre-registration training placement(
    b. Then apply for the registration assessment (

    3.Finally, you would be eligible to apply for your name to be entered in the Pharmacist registry of England without which you cannot work as a pharmacist.

    Hope this gives you some idea, All the best.

  • There is no country in modern world which doesn't require Pharmacist. With the increase in population and with more and more dependence on allopathic drugs, the demand of pharmacists will go on increasing in near and distant future.

    So, you can settle anywhere in the world to work as pharmacist. However, try to settle in such countries where English is used for communication and there is not much drug regulations. Singapore, Australia, Canada, Nepal, middle-eastern countries, the USA and the UK, etc. would be ideal for Indian pharmacists.

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