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    How can we know whether our laptop is hacked or not?

    Have a query about laptop hacking? Wondering how to find out if the laptop was hacked? Check out responses from experts this page and understand how to protect your laptop from being hacking.

    There is always a risk of the computer being hacked by cyber criminals. How we can test whether our computer is hacked or not?
    Yesterday night I shut down my laptop in a proper manner. Today while opening it, I found a message that my system developed a problem and it is being attended to. I never saw such type of message earlier.
    Suggest a method to find if any changes were made to my system. My laptop runs on Win 8.1 original software. I am the only person who uses my laptop.
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    You know that your computer has been hacked if you see the following signs:

    Your online passwords have been changed
    you will see new User Accounts
    You see strange posts 'made by you' in your social feeds.
    Yout friends' may be receiving inappropriate messages, from your account.
    Your friends may be reporting that they are receiving strange spam or emails from you.
    You find that new programs and toolbars are installed on your computer.
    You receive messages from fake antivirus and other rogue software
    Your Internet will become slow
    There is an increase in Network activity.
    Your Firewall is busy blocking several outward connection requests
    Your security software has been disabled.
    The homepage or default browser search engine has been hijacked
    Your mouse moves automatically to make selections
    You start getting calls from your Bank, Credit Card company, Online Store about non-payment, dip in the bank balance, unexpected outstanding balances or purchases.

    always confident

  • Let us start presuming only good and positive direction first.

    The system has its on inbuilt checking mechanisms .This is mostly done when we start the computer, or when we plug in some other device to it. Many of what happens is not known to us as they happen in the background.

    As you are using the original version, Windows update takes place automatically. Probably after one such update, the system would have found some incompatibility with the hardware or software existing in your system. The system itself fixes that problem or alerts us what to do about that. It may be this routine thing that would have happened with you. That is the main probability, if you are otherwise keeping our anti virus software update, not transgressing to unknown web site, not installing software or extensions from untrustworthy or unknown sites.

    If you ave doubts still, try to 'system restore' to a date when you are sure nothing has been done or changed since. So in case some system change happened without your know;edge, that may be cancelled.

    However if hacking was the issue,then the general symptoms will be as given in the previous answer post. That is your computer may 'misbehave', or work extra than what you commanded, or will not obey your commands at all.
    But I do not feel any such thing has happened.

    Now, start your computer,without connecting to internet. Open the files you usually work n, open some files you do not open generally , open and seethe important documents which have sensitive information etc. If they are functioning fine, then close all and connect the internet, Now,do only updating the anti virus software. Then do a full scan . If the result shows no threats, then you can feel safe. However for abundant caution, you may open your mail and check for any abnormality. If the mail is loading normally, the net speed is as usual, then there is nothing to worry as you feared.

  • It's distressing to think or find that our computers have been hacked into.
    Any unusual activity happening that has never happened would be an indication that your computer has been hacked. It could be many emails sent from your account on a subject that is unfamiliar, visible changes to your home page. Pop-ups that you've never seen before and these pop ups invite you to download free software or take you to unusual sites. System crash or sudden slow functioning, programs automatically connecting to the internet.messages inform you about password change or increased login activity for your bank accounts, social accounts.Friends or strangers mailing you back to complain or highlight a change in the tone or content of your messages.
    If you have a good antivirus program, just visit the website and follow the steps give to check and manage threats, browser hijacker. Alternatively you can contact the support team and follow their instructions to verify and erase the malware programs.

  • If your computer is hijacked by real hacker then its very difficult to determine who is actively hacking a computer because the hacker will conceal and covering their actions. There are many ways by which pc can be hijack. It is common for a computer to be hijacked by a virus. Use premuim antivirus software to scan the computer. In the situation of hack, your web browers configuration setting has changed unexpectedly. Your friend can also hack your pc if you are connected with him by a teamviewer. If any scanning software suddenly uninstalled and disabled then it is also an indication of hacked computer. If computer is hacked by real hacker then hacker can also move the cursor of your computer. Email being sent to you as a spam. Email address can also be dupe without hacking the account. To make a virus hackers use .dll extensions. You might see some new installed programs and files which were not installed before.

  • Computers or laptops are usually hacked for some purpose like demanding money, taking out confidential data, etc., For example, you might have heard about ransomware - a malicious software which when gets installed can lock your computer data and you have to pay ransom to get the data back.

    The issue on your laptop could be a system problem. Before arriving at a conclusion, please google the message you saw in the laptop from your mobile device. If you see the error message is known and has been discussed by various people in online forums , then you have to take actions mentioned in the corresponding site to resolve it.

    It is also possible that your system is infected with virus. For identifying this, try disconnecting your machine from all internet connections and then turn on the system. If you see some additional weird files are appearing in your system and if you are not able to open some files, then its possible that your system is affected with virus. You would need to either run a complete scan of your system with a good antivirus software or format your system if you don't have any important data.

    Getting hacked, affected with virus - both are different things. First try the above methods and identify the problem. Given that you are using Windows 8.1, I have heard from many of my friends that the system gets rebooted automatically throwing some error message. So, I suspect your issue could be possible Windows OS issue. So first confirm that and do take back up of your data before you doing anything in your machine.


  • This usually happens because you might have shutted down the computer by plugging out the power directly without battery backups or accidently.

    Excluding office computers, super computers, I have never heard anyone hacking personal computer just for entertainment and education purposes. Hackers won't gain any profit by hacking personal computers so why would a Black Hat Hackers would want to hack an empty computer.

    If your computer is hacked, then you won't be able to do anything except watch what they are doing and how long will it takes to complete. Your user account and administrator rights will be lost and you'll be kicked out from your own computer.

    If you suspect something unusual, of being hacked then consider hiring some white hat Hackers or pull out your laptop batteries, and in case of desktop, you should power cut the computer if it doesn't shutting down.

    Once the battery is pulled out, press the power button reapetly for 30 seconds to 1 minute. In case of laptop, open the CPU and remove the round battery and insert it. This will reset the boos and you'll gain administrator right. And once it's done refrain from connecting to internet unless you have the latest anti-virus.

    Lastly, Hackers only hacks computers that contains financial information, data, etc that can blackmail you or to punish you. Hackers only hack to punish someone.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    All hackers need to do is take a list of hacked passwords, and try them at nest using email addresses as usernames to hack laptop. They find matches because people are sad, then go in and play.

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