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    I want to increase my height by few inches more

    Desperately interested in increasing height? Looking out for remedies and solutions to this issue? Check out this page for responses from experts and get a solution to increase your height.

    My age is 20, and I am 5"1". I want to increase few inches more. Can you help me with your valuable advice? My mother and father are taller then me, and hence I don't think it's a genetic problem. At this age is it possible to increase my height few inches more?
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  • The following eight points will help you in increasing your height.
    1. Regularly perform good exercises.
    2. Have Adequate Sleep.
    3. Don't use any Growth Inhibitors.
    4. Practice Good Posture.
    5.Do some Stretching exercises.
    6.Go Out In The Sun.
    7.Do Hanging Exercises
    8. Get Proper Nutrition.

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  • The rapid growth phase vertically related to height gain for a girl is around 11-15 years. The closure of the epiphyseal plates of long bones occurs after the end of the final growth spurt and this closure occurs around 18-20.
    Many people try stretching and hanging exercises which can increase in height by around 1 inch but it goes back to normal when the spine starts getting compressed when we stand or walk around. The chances are less but do follow the exercises. Some individuals have tried surgery in desperate attempts to gain height wherein the long bones are stretched by a surgical implant on the principle of distraction. This needs an experts assessment and guidance regarding its safety, timing, and results.

  • You may try the following tips Sosa to get positive results in registering height-
    1) Take Aswagandha capsule from a reputed Pharmaceutical and use the same in the night followed by warm milk half an hour after your dinner for forty days at least so as to get better result. Aswagandha contains abundant amount of Calcium and Phosphorous enabling you to add some height.
    2) Ensure that your digestion is at the peak level so that your metabolism absorbs essential nutrients.
    3) Take care of adequate sleep in night preferably for eight hours so that growth - hormone remains active during sleeping cycle.
    4) Engage in stretching - exercise regularly for at least forty - five minutes.
    5) Take adequate amount of milk, eggs and some dry nuts especially the walnut and such inclusion will help you to add some height. Protiens and Womega 3 help in registering height.
    6) Take the help of a registered Homoeopath and he can help you in choosing the right medicine in stretching your height.

  • You have some chance of growing little more taller,because you are just 20 and also your parents are tall too. However if you took the traits of any grandparent who is short, then probably you may be only this much tall.
    Ensure that yo do not have any nutritional deficiency or health issues. Take normal balanced diet. Have normal physical activities. Walk straight, without bending. Try normal stretching exercise. Please take help of n experienced physical tutor for this You may yourself do those PT exercise which were taught to you in school.
    Even if you do not actually grow tall, even then you can 'appear' to be tall by following the below mentioned simple tips.
    Walk with head held comfortably and decently straight and high; do not stoop or bend while walking and standing.
    Wear a comfortable and convenient high heel footwear.
    Make your hairdo a bit loose and keep hairstyle in a way that you appear a bit taller.
    Wear dresses with light colours rather than very dark colour.
    Select vertical stripe designs rather than horizontal stripes.
    Tailor dress fitting proper and do not allow loose fitting.
    Do not put on excess fatty mass, keep normal weight by involving in normal physical activity and balanced diet.

  • As you are 20, the age of gaining height is almost over, Under normal circumstances you can gain height maximum upto 21. So, without wasting time, your are required to visit a dietitian and take his/her advice to prepare a food chart for gaining height. You will be advised to take calcium-reach food. Furthermore, you have to immediately start hanging exercise and various other exercises/yoga as per the guidance of a physiotherapist or gym trainer. You are also required to sit and sleep in correct posture.

    I think you have another year to gain height. Utilize this year to the maximum, and I expect that you can gain another 2-3 inches because your parents are taller than you.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Ashwagandha powder is a powerful ayurvedic herb found to very useful in increasing height. To gain weight and increase height harmone matters. Ashwagandha powder helps to generate more human growth harmones and maintain proper chemical balance of our body. After using the below root you can see your height increasing after 2 to 3 months. you can buy the powder from ayurvedic herb and patanjali stores. Ashwagandha root, black pepper, Jaggery and Milk.
    Take some clean fresh ashwagandha root make a fine powder by grinding them, filter this powder and add equal amount of powdered sugar. Now mix well this mixture and store in a glass.
    Take 2 tablespoon of this mixture with one glass of milk(cow milk) regularly before sleep at night. consumed every night for the period of two months in order to increase height.

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