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    Query about wrong information mentioned in SSC Document

    Have a query about mistake caste certificate? Worried about what to do if this caste certificate is submitted? On this page, find advice from experts to your worries.

    I am an OBC candidate but my caste is written wrong on my caste certificate. I submitted this wrong central caste certificate in SSC ChSL exam.
    I am worried.
    What will happen now? Can you give me a solution?
    How to correct the caste certificate?
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  • You have submitted a wrong caste certificate with the application. Why your caste is written wrongly in the caste certificate. Why did you submit that certificate without checking? Do you have a certificate in which your caste is correctly mentioned and declared that as OBC? In such case write an application to the person whom you have submitted your application. In that, you mention that you have submitted by mistake a wrong certificate and attach a copy of the correct caste certificate. They may consider your representation and consider the correct certificate.

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  • The question is not fully clear to me. Why did the authority issue you a wrong caste certificate? Why didn't you take up the matter with the certificate-issuing authority at that time?

    This means that you have accepted the certificate. Now, if the competent authority issues the certificate, Staff Selection Commission will accept this caste certificate as legitimate certificate and will accept the caste mentioned in the certificate as correct. Nothing can be done at this stage.

    If you feel that the caste indicated in the certificate is wrong, you have to approach the certificate-issuing authority with the proof of your correct caste and get a corrected certificate. This will help you at the time of future competitive examinations for Government jobs.

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  • You have submitted the caste certificate that has your wrong caste written on it.
    The SSC is strict about caste certificate and any fraud could mean permanently being disbarred. So please check the correct caste.
    You can get a correct version of the caste certificate issued by the relevant authorities but it may not be useful for this SSC. All appointments are provisional in SSC until the documents are verified by the competent authorities. Have the new documents in order and try explaining at the verification time.
    Have you got the annexure 7 OBC form done in the prescribed format?

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    Yes I have done in a form that is available in market in my town..
    I want say that my grandfather title is 'mahto'
    And mahto comes in both kurmi and dhanuk caste. .
    But i am kurmi and in caste certificate it is written dhanuk..
    And i submitted that dhanuk caste certificate in ssc..

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