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    Lingayat sub caste's differences

    Want to know the major differences between various Lingayat subcastes? Looking out for information related to understand these differences? Here, on this page find suggestions to all yuour queries.

    What is the major difference between veerashiva sadara and veerashiva panchamasaali?
    What are the cultures they practice differenly?
    Are they differenrt in marriage culture and what are the problems to be seen if they do perform marriage practice between them?
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  • Lingayats are followers of Basavanna, the social reformer who rebelled against the rigid caste systems.
    Among the more powerful sects within the Lingayat community is the VeeraShaiva Sadar and Veerashaiva Panchamasali.
    The Panchamasalis are traditionally cultivators. The Sadars are also called sadhu Lingayats who are followers of the Veerashaiva Saint Marularadhya.
    There is an hierarchy or rank maintained based on which sub caste marriages are decided. You need to speak to one of the elders or the peetha authorities to clarify further.

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