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    Ideas for Maths projects in school exhibition

    Looking out for ideas for making a Maths model for 10+1 level? Confused about how to start? On this page responses from experts can guide you.

    I am a student of class 11. I am assigned to do a maths project for a state level competition.
    So I require an idea for making a prize winning model for class 11 level.
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  • For the detailed answer and some models, you refer the following site.

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  • You can consider these and discuss with your maths teacher
    Concept of Limit
    Properties and Parabola and its application
    Differentiation and integration model with an example
    Set theory
    Maths complex numbers and quadratic equations

  • As far as I understand, it is very difficult to make interesting project on the basis of linear algebra, abstract algebra or mathematical analysis. So, you can check out with statics/dynamics. You can try to make an interesting project on the following subjects:-

    (a) Parabola and projected path of a rocket or artillery shell
    (b) Ellipse and orbits of planets
    (c) Maxima & Minima (calculus) and practical application

    However, these types of projects require extensive preparation.

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