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    AOC is known as Army Ordnance Corps but corps called as core. Why?

    Confused about why the AOC is sometimes referred to by the shorter version of 'core'? Know the correct reason for it from this AE thread.

    In Secunderabad the cantonment army establishment is called AOC and its expansion is known as Army Ordnance Corps. But when it is referred or called by people, we say it a Core. How corps become core? In this centre of excellence, training is given to Military personnel from across the country. We can see trainees from all the places of India undergoing the morning exercise, the routine work and evening parade which is regular in the campus since ages.
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  • Army Ordnance Corps is a military organisation situated in Secunderabad. It is a military organization consisting of officers and enlisted personnel or of officers alone. In the word Corps, the P is silent as it's an abbreviation of "corporation". It's not a shortening or variant of the word "corps" (eg. Marine corps, press corps") which is pronounced with a silent p. As the P is silent we call it as Cores

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  • A band of people in army are referred to as Corps. Corps originates from the Latin word Corpus which translates its a body. But a body also mean corpse (dead body). Hence to avoid corpse it was worded as corpus and then further shortened to Corps. It doesn't sound correct to call a band a people as corpus or corpse, so I guess people started pronouncing it as core. Death is a surname in some British families, obviously nobody would pronounce it like we all do. It is written as De'ath as pronounced differently (De-yeath)

  • The word corps has two meanings - one is an army unit for a particular job and other is a group of people connected to each other as they are involved in a particular action.

    AOC is Army Ordance Corps which is a unit of army for acquisition to storage and management of arms and ammunition.

    In the pronunciation (British english as well as American) the word corps is pronounced as core. So that is the reason.

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  • Indian Army is divided in various Areas./Commands. These are Northern Command, Southern Command, Western Command, Eastern Command, Central Command, South-Western Command, Training Command and Integrated Command (Army, Navy & Air Force). Each Command is headed by very senior Lieutenant General known as GoC in C or Area Commander. Under each Command (except the last two), there are three to five Corps (pronunciation: core) headed by Lieutenant Generals who report to respective Area Commander. Furthermore, various other subsidiary branches of Army like Medical Corps, Signal Corps, Ordnance Corps, Engineering Corps, etc. are also headed by Lieutenant Generals, but they report directly to the Vice Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of Army Staff (General) in Army HQ, New Delhi.

    However, there is no reason why Corps is pronounced as ''çore''. Most probably it is like pronunciation of the word ''Honour'', which is actually pronounced as ''onur''.

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  • I think the question is about the pronunciation.
    The word corps in regard to Armed forces is not pronounces as per spelling phonetics, It is pronounced as if the p& s are absent or silent. It is excusable as there are many such aberrations or peculiarities in English language usage. In the armed forces itself, colonel is pronounced as near to 'kernal'.

    Coming back to Corps and its possible logic:
    A collection or grouping of homogeneous members accumulated for a certain purpose is called corpus. Corpus means body. We commonly use corpus in finance as corpus funds,funds corpus etc.

    So in army also it would have started as Army Ordnance Corpus- meaning a special group or body grouped for the purpose of weapons and its related matters. (We can deduct it because a minuscule part in a corpus is called corpuscle; as in Red blood corpuscle).
    But then by usage or mistake the 'u' would have been omitted somehow. When we pronounce the word 'corps' as spelt it will sound like the word 'corpse'. Is it not ominous to get a feeling of dead body when telling about the living forces?

    So I feel someone who always wanted to sound positive would have arrived at the pronunciation '"core'" by removing the p & s to avoid confusion; and enforced it. It would have become a compliance by habit from then.

    Another possibility might be Corp. is an abbreviation for corporation- a government body constituted for a purpose. In army also the abbreviation could have been used in plurals, but pronounced correctly as the expansion. (Example XYZ Ltd-is read as XYZ limited only). Then by and by people would have pronounced the abbreviation in plural as spelt . Subsequently this would have been changed to sound as 'core, to distinguish it as core group.

    I had this doubt in my mind since the days I came across these type of words, during high school days, when I was preparing for my GK contests. I had mulled about the logic and derivation of such words. While I could get answer for some from different sources and references,in some cases I formed my own logical inferences, by churning them inside my mouth and mind, pronouncing and mispronouncing to arrive at an answer.

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