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    How to come out for regrets for past mistakes and move on

    Have you gone through an academic setback? Looking out for overcoming regrets and moving on? On this page, find advice and guidance from experts for your queries.

    I was very good at academics in whole school life. I had a dream to become a B.E civil engineer and wanted to join diploma. But at the last moment the decision changed and I entered in pre university science. I did not study, bunked the whole year but they passed me in 11th. Then I decided to do study better in 12th but failed 2 subjects and got a year back. Then I joined tuitions and managed to pass 12th but the score was very low and any how I joined through management in another city from home 60km far.
    Now along with daily 4hrs travelling, I also got some stomach disease because of stress. I also fell in serious one sided love and to overcome money problem was doing network marketing. I lost focus and interest in studies and failed in five subjects in semester 1. Now I shifted my mind to only earning and didn't attend exam in 2nd sem.
    I somehow managed for a year but my disease was not cured. Then next year I left one sided love, left network marketing but still the disease was not cured. So again took another year, cured disease, studied hard but failed exam with 5 marks. After 3 yrs of failing in 1st year of engineering I had to take readmission as per rule. This is not possible for me since I have to spend again 4years regular engineering and also regular 3yr diploma. And also my original 10th,12th documents are in college because I had joined through management. So until I won't pay them another 3 years of engineering fee they won't give those documents.
    But I managed to take direct diploma in civil and now I want to start career with it by self learning.
    But I regret a lot about my past mistakes.
    Then how to move on?
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  • Now you are a changed man, you say. You have taken a diploma in Civil. You have the certificate now. You are not going to college. You want to start a career. For diploma in civil engineering, there is a chance for joining as a civil supervisor in construction companies. That job will be suitable for you. Once you start earning some of your problems will get sorted out. Then ask for admission in night college, in the institute where you have submitted your originals. You can study at night college. Work hard for 3 or 4 years. Then you can complete your B.E. The college will give back your originals and all certificates. With B.E and experience in civil construction, you can go for big construction companies as an Engineer. I feel this is the best course of action. You please forget whatever happened and start fresh with full concentration on studies, then you will come out as the better candidate.

    always confident

  • Every person does not have aptitude for studies and academics. It is not every one's cup of tea.

    There is no point in pursuing studies if you do not have interest in it. If we are simply doing it because our parents are forcing us to do it then it will lead us to nowhere.

    Now as per your details it appears that you have already wasted 8-10 valuable years of your prime time.

    Any way let us not waste time in repenting on past but start preparing for our efforts for future.

    First thing you have to see is your interest or aptitude. Do you like teaching or computer science or marketing or technical work or shopkeeping or travel and transport agency or warehouse management or advertising agency or hotel business or catering and things like that.

    Once you identify your choice join any related company in any capacity to get experienced in that line. Your present qualification will suffice for the purpose. Do not bother for remuneration in the beginning. Convert your interest in your passion and slowly you will find that industry has a demand for your calibre and you will elevate in your career. A continuous hard work and dedication will be required to achieve such goals.

    With sincere efforts in your work you can compensate for your lost time. I know a few cases in my circle who miserably failed in their studies and could not focus on anything there but later on started a business and became so successful that they hired engineers and managers for their company.

    So forget the academic degrees and jump in the practical world around us and I have full belief that you will get success in due course of time.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have had enough repentance and it appears that you are a changed man - having positive out - look. No doubt, we all are susceptible to make grave errors but with our rational thinking, we can get rid of the bad habits which caused serious set back in the past.
    Now you should concentrate on your job with a full dedication and this can be achieved with a little effort. With your existing diploma, you may get a job of a civil - supervisor in any construction - firm. Learn the job with a full dedication and the the experience earned in this line will pave the way for the grand future.
    While retaking the job, you can undertake the course of AMIE and this degree can be done by clearing the papers part- wise in your spare time. You may take the help of a reputed institute for the guidance and in that way, you can wipe out your confusion in relation to your studies and you would acquire this degree within three to four years depending upon passion for the course. Remember this course is as good as a degree in BE in civil - engineering done by a recognised university. You may get a job of a cite - engineer in your present firm with higher perks or you may get a suitable assignment elsewhere.
    You may talk to the Principal of the college for your certificates appraising him of your health - condition and may be with some penalty, you may get back the same. But by that time, you have undergone with a massive transformation.

  • The fact that you have acknowledged your lack of interest along with other issues means that you are at square one on the path to move on. You have done some network marketing, can you restart that again? would it give you a decent earning?
    If not, then you can look at private companies in the cities where there are constructions going on to be employed as a civil engineer in their projects. If the diploma is recognized and you are still eligible for government jobs then try the public sector companies related to the construction of buildings, tunnels, power etc. You just need the first break and experience on your side, then you can start looking for better opportunities later on.
    If things go well, then you can move on to think of completing B.E via lateral entry

  • Whatever has happened has happened. There is no use in regretting about anything on which you cannot go back and reverse now.

    Make sure that your health is now Okay. That is the first priority. For the time being, just forget about academics. Get a job with whatever qualifications you have now. Tell yourself that from now on you are taking control of your life positively. Work sincerely on the job you join/have. Learn all the intricacies in the job. Excel in that.

    Once you feel stable and comfortable, think of some courses which you can take up along wit the job. You may do that course or you may join some courses which will take you higher in the field of job you are in.

    There will be some well wisher and good guide in your job place or relatives. Take their guidance and expertise to have a lead as to how to about.

    There is no need to regret. From your past mistakes you would have learned a lot. Use that to prevent further mistakes. Still you have got time to build a good career and living. Keeping your health, work sincerely, honestly and enhance your knowledge. If you are a believer, then keep faith in God and pray for guiding you on the right path . Like the Sailor, ' Pray to God, but row towards the shore'.

  • In our life many of us err, do mistakes and even commit blunders but life is very kind to us and gives us new chances to forget our past and start afresh.
    So as well said there is light at the end of a dark tunnel.
    It is good that you have realized your mistakes and sharing with others. Please remember sharing is a great method to lessen your pain and it helps you to forget the past also.
    Now there is no point in repenting and you have to prepare yourself for a bright future.
    As per your details you have some interest in marketing and some interest in design and construction. If it is so you keep up your learning in these areas but try to get a job however small it is in these areas and focus to learn the practical side of the subjects and in this way gain skills and experience in those areas.
    Be prepared to switch jobs on every new opportunity. Cling to your work. Do not lose the grip.
    More you are engrossed in hard work more you will be in a zone of comfort for career making. Love and marriage are also important but frankly speaking they come after career pursuit only.
    Today the job position is not comfortable and every where there is cut throat competition. In such a situation casual approach will not work. One has to be ready to work extra hours along with studies to achieve the goals.
    It is not that one can only rise in life by studying. There are people who are very good in some sport and excel in that and make it a career.
    So the mantra is whatever your interest is pursue it thoroughly and work hard to excel in it. Remember the world is not a place for average or mediocre people.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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