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    Complaint about wrong spelling in mother's name

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    In SSC CHSL form submission I have made a mistake in my mother's name. Will there be any issue in document verification?
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  • To rectify the mistake you have committed while filling the form, check whether if the site is still open for editing the application forms. If yes, you can go and edit the name. Another option is if the last date for application is not yet over, you can try applying again with different mail id. This option worked when I made a mistake in higher secondary mark when applying for a bank exam and it worked. I am not sure how ii works in your case, you can try though. Else you don't have any option, you have to go ahead with the same application form and during interview, try explaining the mistake politely. All the Best!

  • The Staff selection commission - combined higher secondary level (SSC-CHSL) is conducted every year across India and the last date for the forms are 18th Nov 2017 in many places. If it is an online submission then editing is not possible.

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  • this is from the form submission guidelines. I think, what you can do now is, when they come for document verification, you can speak to the authorities and explain that it is a spelling mistake and hope they will accept. Good luck

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  • Generally there is some time for edit options and if it is permitting for editing you can try that. Another option is to delete the present application and give a fresh application in its place. You have to check it online and see whether it is feasible.

    The last option is at the time of document verification and you have to take all the documents with you where the correct name of your mother is reflecting. Once the verifying authority sees those documents they will allow the correction in your application and the records in their office will be maintained accordingly.

    In addition to your last class mark sheet and certificate you must take with you the Aadhar or PAN or voter card of your mother to emphasize upon the correct name of your mother. Please remember in such times only the documents help rather then the verbal claims.

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  • If it is only a spelling mistake committed by you and your mother's name is correctly mentioned in the certificate, there will not be any problem. If you have an option for editing, you can do that but I understand that editing is not possible for online submissions.
    When you go for document verification, you can take all the certificates and a copy of the online submitted application form. You explain the officers who are doing that verification you can mention that the mistake in the name is purely a typographical mistake and ask for a correction. They can oblige. You carry a copy of aadhaar card of your mother to show them the correct name of your mother.

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  • Read the question. Nowadays the forms of SSC are submitted online. So, it is not possible to rectify the mistake. You have to write immediately to the concerned Regional Director of the concerned region of SSC indication your mistake. You have to submit the application in person and take an acknowledgement on the photocopy of your application. Taking acknowledgement is extremely important.

    Thereafter, you are required to keep the receipt in safe custody and at the time of document verification, you have to submit the same as proof of your intimation about mistake.

    In this connection, I would like to advise all candidates to fill up such forms on their own. I have seen many candidates get it done by some other persons, who are prone to make mistakes. Please fill up the form on your own sufficiently in advance to avoid such mistakes. Don't try to fill up the form at the last moment.

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  • As you have submitted the application online, now it will not be possible to edit it.
    The only way is to get it rectified at the time of document verification. Generally at the time of document verification it is seen or checked if the applicant has mentioned some data wrongly. If he has done it knowingly it is an offense and his application can be rejected by the verifying agencies. If he has incurred it unintentionally then it is not a big issue.
    In your case it is a casual mistake though you were not supposed to do so.
    So the verifying authorities will check your documents where it is spelt correctly and if your documents are readily available and depicting the correctly spelt name of your mother the issue will be resolved there itself.

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  • These type of queries are many answered in ISC please check the previous ask expert section in your relevant section. But in brief, always candidate name and the parents name i,e father's and mother's name should be the same right from the birth certificate. If any of the names are changed in any certificate please correct at the right time because later correction will be a lengthy process, Right now you can continue with your studies. But in the meantime write a letter to the board regarding changing your mother's name along with xerox copy of her aadhar card its better if it is attested by a gazetted officer. For more details please check the previous answers which are answers to ask the expert section.

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