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    Is it software field better for M Tech Mechanical Engineering student?

    Are you interested in Software after pursuing M Tech and confused about the career? No need to get confused, Our ISC experts would guide you here.

    I am doing M Tech second year in Mechanical Engineering but I had the interest to opt for Software side after completion of my M Tech. If I do so, is it good for my career or not? Please guide me as I am totally confused what to do.
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  • After completing M.Tech I strongly feel you should continue in the core field. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical are always evergreen courses where you will have a lot of requirement. If you go to software job M.Tech or B.Tech and specialisation will not make any difference. So you should try for a core job and join in a good Organisation. If you are interested in teaching you can join as a lecturer and improve your qualification by working for PhD and you can become Professor also. There are many good industries where they prefer postgraduates in mechanical engineering. Appear for GATE. Basing on GATE score you will get good jobs in public sector companies.

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  • As your main proficiency is in mechanical engineering side it will be better for you to choose a career line only in that area as it will be easier for you to pursue it conveniently with your present knowledge. There are many opportunities for a mechanical engineer in private as well as in Govt sector.

    If you are very much interested in computer line and your aptitude is for that then you have to asses yourself where you stand today in that line. What is your knowledge of that branch. You will have to do a lot to catch up with the basics which other people have already done being computer as their core area.

    Further after completing your M Tech you will have to go for some diploma course in any branch of computer science where you think your interest lies. After the result of that diploma course you can asses yourself and then decide to apply for a job in computer area. It simply depends on how much labour and hard work you can put in the computer learning before able to apply for jobs in that area.

    Normally this type of switching from your core area to your passion area has many practical difficulties and is not advisable.

    Knowledge is power.

  • After M.Tech switching over to Software now would mean another few years for you to be able to compete with the others in the job market. If you have reached upto completion of M.Tech, changing now is not a good idea.

    M.Tech in mechanical engineering would be a good launch pad to consider engineering firms abroad, if you have the aptitude for automobile engineering specialization.
    With M.Tech, you can consider jobs in the teaching sector, if you have a passion for teaching, you can consider government,railways or defence jobs after the M.Tech. You can consider the competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC or GATE and then try for a PSU job. In the private sector you can try for transportation or logistical firms.

  • Software field is perfect if you are under 30s and if you want to get into coding and the development jobs in general. Software field has the testers and developers mainly. Usually development jobs are lot better if you are young. Tester jobs are good to do when you want to do less coding and get into validation side of the software side. If you are not into coding and the development then you're left with 4 options. Testing, networking, tech support and call center. Though these four are not software field on front end but they are IT jobs and are paid good compared to the mechanical jobs usually. However those jobs are physically and mentally draining.

    If you're M.Tech then you're better off pursuing the mechanical ventures instead of software. But that would be a good option if you have passion for mechanical field. You should also approach the govt jobs since they carry better long term stability for both mental and physical work.

  • Software field, if chosen by an M.Tech in Mechanical - engineering would symbolise that the aspirant is having enough interest in IT field and such passion would prove to amply rewarding. As a beginner, one may face initial difficulties in learning the jobs of software field but again with ones intelligence, one can overcome the hurdles in the way of learning different modules of IT.
    There are different languages such as C++, Java, Oracle, SAP etc which must be learnt diligently. It would be better to focus any one of the languages and the relevant certification can be achieved. During the course of interview, your impressive presentation would lead to your success in your relevant field.

  • If you are interested in the field of Software, there is nothing wrong in switching over to the field even after doing your M tech in Mechanical Engineering. You have not mentioned clearing about your choice for doing M Tech. Have you got into it by means of your score in GATE or through the Common Entrance Test for PG courses conducted by your University? Generally, you have an option to choose for Software job or your core subject oriented job at the time Campus selections organised by your College at the time of 4th year of B Tech. Did you miss this opportunity? These basic information need to be given for giving proper career counselling in any online Forum.

    Let it be. You can start learning various Programming languages and approach any IT company through any referral and start working. Don't think about the package you are being offered but try to gain experience which matters more at a later stage two or three years experience with your Master's degree on hand. Also, plan to do MBA which would be helpful in your career furtherance.


  • The field you are pursuing and the field you wants to pursue both are different. Why you are pursuing M.Tech in Mechanical engineering if you are intrested in software field? I don't think this is a right decision at this time. It is ok if you pursue software field after B.Tech but now you pursuing M .Tech in mechanical 1st year. If it is possible to shift from mechanical to software then go ahead because interest is all about. There are many software developer and software architect who have completed B.Tech in mechanical then after B.Tech they pursue software field and now they are become a software developer. I assume your decision of shifting from mechanical to software is final, well thought of and you want to spend enough time in software industry doing programming. Learn a programming language like PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Java and any other language of your interest. See some examples on internet and Try creating some PoCs on your own. This will make learning as a fun and will build confidence in you.

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