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    How to be a Software Architect

    Interested in becoming a software architect? Searching for career guidance? Here, read the responses provided by experts and decide how to become a software architect.

    I have passed MCA in 2015 and currently I'm working in an IT company as an apps developer. But I want to be a Software Architect. Can you guide me about how to become a Software Architect? I know these technologies: php, javascript, css, css3, React, c, c++, python & java.
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  • To become a Software Architect you simply needs to earn a bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering and other information systems. As you said that you have completed MCA so you can be a software architect. Software architect also known as software expert. Let me explain you what software architect actually does. A software architect is a software expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including platforms, tools, softwares and coding standard. Watch software architectutre fundamental soft skills to become a better team leader.

  • As you are having a MCA degree you can very well pursue your career for becoming a software architect. A software architect has a responsibility of making a software system in the best possible structured way to give good performance with proper utilization of software tools and utilities.

    Today in computer area there are a lot of programs, utilities, linker, installer, coding mechanisms, networking techniques, security issues, permissions etc are present and it is really a very skilled job to arrange them in the best possible way to produce an effective system.

    The software architect has to put all the blocks in the right place so that the final product has a tremendously increased value. There is nothing abnormal in it but assimilation of all the available facilities and knowledge of software systems is the real challenge and that is where the software architect can create a niche for him.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The job of a software architect is always going to be challenging as a bad architecture design will cost company's prospects in the market. It requires a deep knowledge of different software systems. As you have MCA degree you can go for it. Apart from the coding knowledge, you should be having knowledge of different architectural styles for different kinds of software. For example, for the web-based application, you should be able to relate as to which kind of design is more appropriate, 2 tier, 3 tier or 5 tier. Similarly, if it is a mobile application software you need to visualize which architecture will suit most based on application requirements. For mobile applications, you may need to design architecture as a native application, client-server application or web-based application. So you need to figure out which software architecture will be more efficient.

  • Software Architect is just not a person who knows C/C++ or only technical language but a persons who first think about the problem, analyse the solution and then think on the Language that can help in resolving the problem.
    A design of problem's solution is more important then implementation. First he has to get the best solution available by himself or with discussion with peers. After this comes his technical knowledge , solution needs C, C++, Python, Shell Script, Java, Go, Bash Script etc. For these Architect has to have all the knowledge. Apart from this there are readily available solution to many problem with specific pattern in the form of design pattern.
    Its not possible to be just OK and be Architect. You have to be responsible first and need to have very good analysis skill, and yes if you can provide solution you can be Architect and if you are Architect you have to provide solution.
    Keep improving your self and do understand the role of Architect otherwise you are always replaceable.

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