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    Maintaining black shining hair

    Have a query about ageing hair? Looking out for remedies on the web to keep hair always shining and black? You can get ample advice from experts for yuor query here.

    As I am fifty plus and still in service, I need to maintain black shining hair for both professionalism and promotion. If I mix methi (fenugreek) powder in Coconut oil and use that oil for hair, will it help to maintain black hair in a natural way? I don't use any chemical in my hair.

    Should I add other things also with methi (fenugreek)?
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  • We know the black color is the beautiful and bright color. It gives us more confident and commanding power. To maintain the hair color as black here are some tips.

    Take a two bunches of curry leaves and dry it. Make this as a powder. Heat the gingelly oil and add the curry powder. Then it turns to black let them settle and soak for week. After this you can apply this oil to your hair. Continue this for six months. It will slowly turns into black color.

    Take amla daily in the form of nellikkai lehyam (Amla). The other option is take a small spoon of amla powder and mix it with honey. Take this daily.

    You may take bhringaraj ( karisalankanni), Amla powder or fresh amla, lemon, curry leaves, henna leaves, hibiscus leaves, milk, coconut milk, hibiscus flower,kadukkai grind all these ingredients. Heat the gingelly oil and just add this and wait for 20 minutes till the color has change. This herbal oil is surely change into black.

    Should eat the items which are rich in iron like date fruit, amla, curry, sundakkai. Fenugreek which have a quality to making our body cool. While you using gingelly oil avoid the fenugreek because both have cooling effect.

  • If you are now having shining natural black hair, then you can maintain it that way for a few more years provided yo take necessary management of your health and hair.

    1.Keep normal health taking balanced diet with all essential nutrients and doing normal physical activities.
    2.Keep hair clean, and hygienic taking regular head and body bah.
    3.Use the traditional hair nourishing hair oil popular in your place (as they will be in use after experience of many years and suitably adapted to the climate of tat area)
    4. In case you are not particular about the hair oi, use a coconut oil based hair care oil available from established Ayurvedic medical stores. Once in a week when you have leisure time,before bathing, mildly massage the oil into the whole scalp by fingers little by little ,wait for sometime and take bath and shampoo to remove excess oil if any.
    5.Avoid frequent shampooing hair.
    6.Avoid using chemical soaps and shampoos to your hair. Instead use green gram flour, shikakai powder etc.
    7. Don't keep head and hair wet, dripping and humid for longtime after bath. Dry with clean towel.
    8.Get good regular sleep. Avoid waking up too much in night.
    9.Have a medical check up and ensure that you do not have health issues.
    10. Avoid excess spicy foods, use home made ghee in moderation
    11. Don't indulge in worrying,but spend idle time involving in pleasure giving pastimes of work or interactions.

  • I have asked this question to my wife. She opines that coconut oil with fenugreek (methi) powder is excellent for luxuriant black hair. She has also advised use of amla+ritha+shikakai concoction once in every week. This will help maintaining blackness and luxuriance of hair. In addition, keeping hair clean by regular combing is essential.

    Come as you are!

  • Black colour of the hair signifies overhaul good maintenance of health and instead of relying upon application of Methi - powder along with Coconut oil, one should strengthen one's internal mechanism in order to get the lasting benifit. Following are the essential points to be followed in this context-
    1) Keep a close watch on your diet, it should be balanced one with sufficient inclusion of Protiens. Protiens contain amino acid essential for the growth of black hairs apart from strengthening the roots of the hairs.
    2) A good cycle of sleep is to be maintained allowing growth harmone to work at its peak point for the overhaul growth of the body including hair.
    3) As far as possible avoid spicy foods since such stuff may create problems in digestion.
    4) A periodical check up of blood report twice a year is essential to know the internal - functioning of your body.
    5) You may include some dry nuts such as almonds. walnuts, cashews to be taken along with breakfast not exceeding 25 GMs in a single serving.
    6) Carrots, Papaya, Gooseberries and Oranges should be consumed regularly in order to nourish your hairs.
    7) Avoid the application of chemical - shampoos available in the market and instead rely upon Ritha,Shikakai and Amla - powder for cleaning your hair. Gram - powder mixed with some Curd can be applied on your head for cleaning your hairs twice in a week and it does not have any side effects on the hairs.

  • To maintain and keep hair shining coconut oil is preferable because it adds softness and shine to hair. Coconut oil is an all-natural way to keep hair and scalp healthy. frequently using coconut oil helps to prevent dandruff, promotes hair growth and helps to keep hair soft and silky. Coconut oil also moisturizes hair, keeping the hair shaft strong.
    * Coconut oil :
    1. Simply massaging hair with warm coconut oil.
    2 . Warm the coconut oil by placing the oil jar in warm water for few minutes.
    3. Wash hair with warm water and use fingertips to apply coconut oil on damp scalp. Massage it gently for few minutes to boost up blood circulation in the scalp.
    4. Cover your head with shower cap to increase effects of this natural oil. Leave it for one hour then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
    5. Repeat this process two times in a week to effectively grow and stronger hair.

    You can also use coconut oil and methi by mixing both. First take a two tablespoon of dry methi seeds, wash it properly and soak overnight. Next morning, blend the seeds into a thin paste. Add a little coconut oil to this paste and mix well. Now apply this paste to your hair and scalp.

  • These days a natural colour by name black henna is being marketed by Godrej. It is a natural product without any added chemicals in it. Many people are using it for making their hair black. You can try this.
    You can use the mix of coconut oil and methi by adding a little henna paste which can be made by using henna leaves. Once you apply this mix and wait for an hour and then have a shampoo bath. the black colour hair will be very shiny and you have to do this once in a week to maintain this blackness.

    always confident

  • Proper care is must for both men and women to get silky, shiny and smooth hair. It's not an overnight treatment which means it not only make your hair shiny in one day. Two options are available for you natural one and marketed one. For colouring, your hair black you can go for hair colours available in the market following are the few listed hair colours:
    1) L'Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color
    2) Revlon Color N Care Permanent Hair Color
    3) Bakson's Sunny Hair Color
    4) Streax Tender Loving Colour Hair Color
    5) Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color
    For shiny and smooth hair you must protect your hair from chemicals. You can use Ayurvedic shampoos from the brands like biotique. nyle, Ayur etc. You can also go for natural homemade remidies. Few of them are listed below:
    1) Honey and lemon treatment for hair
    2) Use aloe gel for hair
    3) egg and honey hair conditioner
    4) Banana as a hair conditioner
    5) Green tea wash for shiny hair
    6) Vinegar for lightning effect
    7) Healthy nourishing diet

  • To maintain a black shining hair

    You need to follow these methods given below

    1. To remove or to do not come any grey hair, then You need to do this. Grind some pepper and mix it with butter. Aplly on your hair wait for 10 minutes then rinse your hair so that it will reduces the chances of producing grey hair.

    2. For long hair eat 10 black dates every day morning. It will give you long black shining hair and improves hair growth.

    3. soak some fenugreek seeds in water at night. Grind it next day morning. Aply on your scalp and wait for 5 minutes then rinse your hair. It makes your hair cooling and reduces hair falling and improves hair growth.

    4. Take some aloe vera and remove its outer portion and keep the jelly. Heat some cocolut oil in a pan and put the aloevera in the coconut oil. leave it for cooling. Then apply it on your scalp wait for 10 minutes and then rinse your hair. This is the effective hairfall treatment.

  • Natural remedy is always best and safe. As you know fenugreek and coconut oil is a great combination to maintain healthy hair.

    Alternatively you can use 1tsp of black cumin powder and 1tsp of fenugreek powder, mixed in warm sesame oil. Black cumin seeds reduce the infection and maintain your hair black and shiny always.

    Dry one or two hibiscus flowers and a cup of curry leaves. Make it a fine powder. Heat 250ml of coconut oil and add the powdered herbs. Apply this oil at-least three times a week. This can retain your melanin pigmentation.

    One of the very effective remedy to get rid of gray hair is neelibringadi hair oil and triphala powder combination. Add a teaspoon of triphala powder in 50 ml of warm neelibringadi hair oil, use this as a regular hair oil daily to get best result.


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