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    What shall be the room sizes as per vastu ?

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    I am constructing a house with dimensions: 32*33 sq.ft space. I need vastu tips for Master bedroom, child bedrooms, Hhll sizes etc.
    Can you help me in this regard?
    I am too confused as I don't have any idea of vastu. I need it as early as possible as my house is under construction.
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  • Vaastu is a science that requires belief and trust in the science and the professional advising it. Many people spend a lot of money on structural remodelling after a hasty construction as the initial plan would not be Vaastu compliant. I'm glad that you constructing and seeking the Vaastu compliance. There is also a chance of being misled into paying out too much for similar services as you are desperate and have no knowledge.
    You can contact similar sites, clearly, ask for the consultation charges all inclusive and references on previous clients. If anyone has good references and the price is affordable, then please contact them. Please be careful with terms and conditions and the total payments.

  • As per the area given in your query you will be having room sizes varying from 9 feet to 18 feet in various combinations. So I will restrict my advice to this only.

    As per vastu sastra the sizes 11, 16 and 17 feet are the auspicious one and all other sizes are not good for health and prosperity.

    So if you believe in vastu sastra then please ask your architect to incorporate these sizes in the designing of rooms.

    I think that will remove confusions from your mind and you can progress ahead in the matter.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As far as vaastu is considered you should have a comprehensive plan of the whole house. To advise you on this subject we should know,the site facing and actual length and width. Basing the facing of the house we have to decide on the sides of. Rooms an? then sizes. The master bed room should be on southwest. Costner. The kitchen should be on southeast corner. The childrenbed room can be either between kitchen and master bedroom. Otherwise children be? room can be onnorthwest corner. Again we have to see the name and star of the owner. Basing on this we have to decide main gate position. I suggest you to consult a best vassal pandit near you. He will give you the total plan.

    always confident

  • There are many things prescribed in Vastu Sastra for the designing and building of a house specially the house facing directions and locations of various entities like puja room or bed room or kitchen. This requires an exhaustive advice and consultation with a Vastu consultant.
    Anyway regarding your query for the size of the rooms as 16 is one of the auspicious number for this purpose you can try to have one or two rooms adhering to this size. Other things and other sizes are to be accommodated according to that consideration.
    Vastu is a matter of great belief and is a cultural and mythological heritage and one has to take it in cognizance as per his or her faith in it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • According to me, if you are very particular in vaastu, you please approach some expert professionals in your city personally and do your construction but if you confuse yourself and continue your construction later the alterations may cost more to you as well mental confusion also.

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