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    How to become equity research analyst?

    Aspiring to take up a career in equity research analysis? Looking out for advice from how to enter into this field and which short term courses to do? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    Equity research is less discussed but lucrative career. It has wide scope for those interested in research of stock markets. Generally companies go for campus hires from Top tier B.Schools.
    But, being a MBA finance fresher not from reputed college, how one can enter the field of equity research. Is there some short term courses helpful?
    Can you give some tips for this career path?
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  • For becoming an equity research analyst to begin with one has to acquire a basic diploma or degree in finance, accounting or commerce. That is of course the academic part. The real work starts after that.

    One has to search a job in stock market related companies or company rating agencies or business houses engaged in company profiling and future performance prediction etc.

    Now a person interested to make a career in this line has to learn many techniques and methods for analysing the annual reports of the companies, understanding their products, their future prospects and expected performance of the stock of companies in market. Once the person gets a knack of all these analytical skills he is ready to do an equity research analysis for a client or a company. As experience has no substitute one gets more and more expertise with time and can have a successful career in this line.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In order to establish as an equity Reasearch Analyt, the following are the essential points to excel in this line.
    1) You should have a sound grasp of financial - affairs and hence a degree in commerce would be advantageous.
    2) The foremost quality in this profession demands actual predictability of a company in terms of its financial performance and hence one must have sound acumenship to predict the growth of the company.
    3) You need to render your job in a stock market related company so that you have enough exposure in the equity market activity.
    4) You have the capability to convince the customers with your forceful logic to choose the share of a particular company on the basis of its financial performance and in that way, you can establish your self as an equity Research Analyst.

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