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    Dilemma between BTech in LPU and BSc in Delhi Univeristy

    Confused between BTech and BSc courses? wondering which of these is the best choice? On this page yo can read the guidance given by career experts and decide the best option.

    At present I am pursuing BTech CSE from Lovely Professional University and I am in 1st semester. I also got admission in BSc (Physics) but at that time I chose BTech.
    But now I am thinking to leave BTech and take admission in BSc in Delhi University.
    What should I do?
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  • You are currently doing your B.Tech in the first semester, you are thinking about changing to Bsc in Delhi. These are not an easy question for us to say go for option 1 or option 2.

    1.Many students have a dilemma like this even after they start a particular course. We need to think rationally based on your strengths, aptitude, financial commitments and career prospects after each degree. Then it would be a good decision to choose to continue or change.

    2.First list out your strength and aptitude. Is our core strength Physics and mathematics and do you have the aptitude to pursue it and succeed. Similarly, assess for computer science.

    3.The check the fee structure. Currently, per semester fees at LPU for B.Tech is around 94,500/-. This is a 4-year course. It is recognized by UGC. For B.Sc Physics per semester ranges from 15,000-40,000 depending on the college. The comes to the hostel feeds and campus expenses which you can adjust to more or less the same in both.

    4. Consider the career options of both. After B.Tech CSE, you can pursue M.TEch, try the GATE exam and aim at a professional career or an academic career. The options for employment is good both in private and public sector. The chance of overseas work placement is also good. You can see yourself as a Technical lead, software developer, Content writer, analyst, support specialist or even into research and DRDO jobs.
    After B.Sc physics you can follow M.Sc and Ph.D. to become a faculty, a scientist in premier institutions like IIT, ISRO, IISc or even pursue cosmology career. Here it's more of research-oriented with placements in CSIR labs and opportunities for overseas fellowship and space-related jobs.

    5. Please prepare a brief summary of the above and then meet a couple of your favourite teachers or well-wishers who has done similar courses and gather their inputs. These people will have a practical bird's eye view of how you would be suited for each of them.

    6. After that, you can take a decision on continue B.Tech or switch over to B.Sc Both have good career prospectus in their own right, we need to assess which is more suited for you based on the above.

  • A course which we opt should be our strong playing field. if you want to study Physics you should have a flair for physics. If we want a computer software engineer you should have a flair for mathematics and programming. It is not the subject that is important it is the interest you have in a subject is important. Nobody can say that one course is good and the other course is bad. But we should try to be on the top of the list of merit when we come out from an institute with a degree. Then we will have fair chances of improving further our qualification and career growth. So you should consider the interest you have towards the subject. If you are good at physics got for B.Sc Physics. If you are good at programming you go for B.Tech Computers. Both the subjects are good and there are plenty of chances for further education and growth in career. So think yourselves and see what are your strong points and then decide. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • I have read the question very carefully. You have already joined Lovely Professional University (LPU) in B.Tech which is a four-year (eight semestar) course. There is no doubt that you have paid a hefty amount to take admission. Now you are planning to change the course and take admission in first year B.Sc. in Physics from Delhi University. You should have thought all the pros and cons of taking admission in B.Tech before taking admission. You did not do this.

    Now, it is not possible for you take admission in B.Sc. first year during the current academic session. If you want to take admission in B.Sc., you have to lose one precious year. Discuss the matter with your parents and real well-wishers before changing the stream. Don't take whimsical decision.

    If you are determined to change the stream and university during the next academic session, I would advise you to first take admission in B.Sc. (Physics) in Delhi University, and only then discontinue your B.Tech.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • Prior to changing your course, you need to consider several factors which may influence your career. Some important factors are listed below-
    1) You need to have enough passion and interest in the course, you want to take up. This is the overriding factor and excellence in your studies cannot be achieved without this.
    2) Clarity in terms of study of a particular stream is essential. You should be familiar with the scope of each course. As for example, by persuing B.Tech course from LPU, you can have bright prospects in Software field. You can become a programmer or even a lead manager. By putting your service for around minimum five years, emoluments will be highly satisfying. Similarly, by persuing Physics and acquiring M.Sc in the same subject and later a doctorate degree will enable you to be a lecturer in a private/ government college or you can join in the research field. However, you have to put in abundant effort to be successful.
    3) Consider the expenditure of the courses. In B.Tech course, your expenditure will be substantially higher than the B.Sc one.
    4) Change the course only when you have clarity of your objectives.
    5) Changing may result in wastage of your precious years and this would affect you in multiple ways. Employers may ask you for such dislocation of your studies.

  • B Tech in CSE is itself one of the good educational pursuit for the career in computer area. At this stage it may not be a wise step to go for changing it to B Sc / M Sc stream. Anyway if you feel that you do not have much liking for this particular line then it is entirely a different story and the expenses you have already met and other considerations like loss of one academic session etc are the things worth considering.

    Before taking any decision in this matter it is necessary that you should review all the pros and cons of these two options and accordingly take a decision.

    I advise that this type of flickering decisions are to be avoided as far as possible until there are some compelling reasons to do so.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Switching from one stream to another is a choice which should be exercised after considering the various factors. It should not be done whimsically.
    First and foremost thing in this matter is one has to see what is his aptitude and interest because the efforts will accordingly be more and less depending on that.
    Computer science is still a good area and there are many opportunities in it so it will be a good idea to continue in it. On the other hand science stream has got its own uncertainties and after graduation, post graduation and even doctoral one has to struggle hard to get a good job. So until unless some compelling reason is there it is better to stick with the CSE pursuit.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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