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    Spelling mistake in father's name in my BEd degree from OU

    Is there a name mismatch in any of the degree certificates or documents? Wondering whether it will impact document verification? Here, you can read the responses from experts and resolve your worries.

    I have studied B.Ed from Osmania University. My father's name is wrongly spelt in by B.Ed. degree certificate unlike the correct spelling in my SSC Intermediate and graduate degree certificate.
    Will it create any sort of problem at the time of verification?
    How to get it corrected?
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  • It is a mistake done by the University. Apply for correction through the college you have studied. You please make a written application stating the mistake very clearly. You attach copies of your SSC, Intermediate and graduation certificates in which your father's name is correctly mentioned. The principal of the college will forward your application to the controller of examinations of your university. It is better if you can follow up with the concerned people in that section. They will do the correction and issue the correct certificate. There is no need of any challan as the mistake is from their side. It may take around 3 to 4 weeks for getting the fresh certificate.

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  • Please check whether the mistake has been committed by the University officials or you filled up the form wrongly. If you have obtained the B.Ed. Degree recently, then you can easily submit an application to the Osmania University to rectify the mistake (in your father's name) along with supporting documents (PAN card, AADHAR card, etc. of your father). Most probably, the mistake will be rectified.

    However, if the mistake is not rectified, you have to sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city and publish classified advertisement in one English and in one vernacular newspaper indicating the correct name of your father. You have to preserve the affidavit and advertisement permanently.

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  • You have your father's name Correctly spelt in the SSC but the B.Ed from Osmania University is wrongly written.
    Yes, this could be a problem when you apply for a government job.
    Often people find more documents have errors that they have not noticed so far. Please you this chance to get all your documents in the right format. Please check all your ID cards ( AAdhaar,PAN,Voters ID,Driving license and if you have a passport).Once you know what documents need to be edited, then you can approach them according.

    If you have given the details correct and the Osmaina Univeristy has made a mistake, then you can approach the officers to rectify it, if it takes time, then simply apply for a name correction service. Verify your father's correct name, the get an affidavit done via a notary who will be familiar with the process, then publish it in two newspapers. Keep both the originals with you and then apply for the change in the University

    You can also contact the Examinations branch for the degree correction
    Controller of Examinations,Osmania University,
    Hyderabad - 500 007.
    Contact Numbers : 040 20050264,040-27098072,040-27682293
    EMail :
    Note : Preferable timing for calling (10.00am - 5.00pm)

  • There is also an online service option for the name correction. Try this as see if it is helpful

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  • Yes, you need to get your B.Ed certificate issued by the university to be corrected to avoid any future complication in relation to further studies or for seeking a job. This is an essential formality to be accomplished at the end stage prior to selection of a course or a job. The earlier the correction is made in your certificate, the better. You may take up the following steps.
    1) Write an application to the concerned university with a forwarding note of the Principal mentioning the correct name of your father.
    2) A draft of requisite amount for this purpose is to be made.
    3) Along with your application, enclose the draft made by any nationalised bank and other supporting documents such as Photocopies of SSC and graduation duly attested by the Principal.
    4) The envelop containing the documents as stated above should be addressed to the authorised person of the university.
    The process, though a little time consuming, will resolve your issue.
    Yes, uncorrected certficates do create problems during the verification- stage - be it a job or otherwise.

  • If the father's name is not correctly reflecting in your B Ed certificate then it can cause a problem in document verification anywhere in future. So it is suggested that you should get it corrected by approaching to the university office. The general procedure for the same is to submit an application for correction along with supporting document showing the correct name of your father.
    Generally these things take some time but once they issue you the corrected B Ed certificate you will not have any hassle related to document verification. In addition to submitting your graduation or intermediate credentials it is better that you also submit a copy of some authentic document like Aadhaar card or PAN card or Voter card in support of the correct name of your father.

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  • Sometimes these mistakes happen in educational certificates or mark sheets. They could happen either by the negligence of the people preparing them or common typographical mistakes.

    In any case one has to get them rectified from the issuing authority to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and botheration at the time of document verification in future.

    In your case also you have to approach the university office or send them an application requesting for correction in the name and issue the corrected B Ed certificate. You will have to enclose some document as supporting one where your father's name is correctly mentioned so that they can use it for reference purpose.

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