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    How to get started with animation

    Interested in creating educational animated videos? Looking out for help to make these videos? Check out this page for responses from experts on basic animation requirements and courses for beginners.

    Nowadays children learn by watching youtube videos. I have seen many 2.5 years old kids singing nursery rhymes and saying alphabets and numbers without being touch with nursery school. Even though they find difficulty in pronunciation, they sing very well.
    I asked their parents how do they know all these, they said its all because of educational videos from youtube. I want to open a youtube channel by creating animated educational videos.
    Can anyone help me to know the basic requirements for animating for beginners?
    What software do I have to get and also what necessary courses should I have to complete for animation?
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  • It's good that you have an interest in animation. We need to know whether you want to do this as a hobby as an additional source of revenue for a fulltime career. If you are good at drawing, have a creative streak and aptitude for visual graphics then you will do well. Only one core skill listed by many professionals is a passion for creation and imagination.

    1.If it's just for making videos for youtube, then you can download some free software and start yourself can also check out the self-help guides/blogs listed below

    3.If it is for a fulltime career, then you can choose a substream of interactive graphics, gaming, website designing,3D animation etc.please focus on getting a diploma and further move on to advanced program after getting a job with your first animation degree.

    4.Please read this write up that is in simple language describing animation, skills needed, education and career with earnings.

    5. If you are keen on a course, then check out institutes that offer a hands-on experience for prospective students.


  • You can start learning animation through taking an admission in any reputed learning institute. There are many institute who teach certificate course and degree course in Animation, Video vfx, Graphics design, CCNA and many courses. Fees structure is high of animation degree course. You can search online for any reputed institute of animation near by your area of living. Softwares you have to get which mainly used for animation are Blender software, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Houdini, LightWave, ....etc. There is no such binding education qualifications for certificate course. If you wants to do a degree course in animation then minimum eligibility crieteria is a pass in +2 level with 45% marks from a recognized board. There are many reputed institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat such as Frameboxx, Tops Technologies and Arena Multimedia.

  • Animation is a very popular visual art branch and there are various opportunities in this area. If you want to learn the techniques in this area then you can join some diploma or degree course in animation in some good institution. There are many good computer learning centers where animation is taught.

    After learning the basics of this trait you can use some specialised software and programs to create animations and the video clips or video stories thus made can be uploaded in your you tube channel. This will require a lot of imagination and creative efforts to make a place in the already crowded animation market but with hard work and dedication one can achieve the objectives.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thank you, everyone, for your response. I will go through all the links provided by you and start making videos.

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