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    Is it possible to know the difference between regular and supplementary answer Sheets?

    Want to know the difference between answers written in the regular and supplementary exam? Searching for this difference online? On this ask Expert page find suggestions from experts.

    My friend wrote supplementary exam very well. But she got only 40 marks. I have never seen anyone get more than 45% marks in supplementary exams.
    Will they assume them as failed candidates and give such low scores? Is it possible for the person who is evaluating the answer sheets to know the difference between regular and supplementary candidates?
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  • There should not be any difference in the valuation of answers in supplementary examinations and regular examinations. They valuation person may get a hint about the supplementary candidates based on the hall ticket number. But I have witnessed many evaluation centres and the teachers will not have time to see the number and other details simply they go on correcting the answer sheets and award the marks. So in supplementary examinations also there are chances to get good marks if you fare well in the examination. There is no such type of valuation as they give fewer marks for supplementary examinations. I know many persons who secured more than 80% in supplementary examinations also.

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  • Valuation of supplementary exam papers would be done in the same way as regular paper evaluation. There wouldn't be any discrimination between the two group of students. The evaluators would be able to makeout whether the answer script is from a regular or a supplementary exam.

    Depending on the state and the level of exam, if someone get very high marks in a subject, then the answers script would be given to another evaluator before declaring the final marks. SImilarly if there is a very low score given,some boards would have a second evaluator re-checking the answer script for fairness of evaluation.

    If you feel that many candidates have been awarded a low score in the supplementary exams, then find out if there is a chance to apply for 're-totaling' or 're-evaluation'. Many times students who have given an excellent performance hoping to be topper apply for re-revaluation if their marks given are far below.

    If you are planning to apply for a re-totaling or a re-evaluation, Please check the timelines for these process and it might take a few months before declaring the final result.

  • As far as the evaluation process is concerned, there is no discrimination between the main examination and the Supplementary - one. Marks are awarded on the basis of quality and correctness of the answers and again in each question would come across a number of queries - each carrying proportionate marks and a care is to be the candidate to ensure that each part of the question has been answered from their ends so as to get maximum marks.
    Hence it would be better to wipe out your prevailing confusion regarding low marks award as a result of a candidate of a Supplementary - examination.
    There is a provision of re- evaluation of your paper/ papers once a request is made from your end for the revaluation with the requisite amount of fee for this purpose within a fixed time frame. You may make an enquiry of the same from the university.

  • You have not indicated the particular examination or the University or Board. So, it is very difficult to give specific comment on the issue. However, generally speaking, there is no discrimination in evaluation of answer-script of a regular candidate or that of a candidate appearing in supplementary examination.

    So far as Xth and XIIth level examinations (of any Board) are concerned, the examiners are informally instructed to evaluate answeer scripts leniently, so that such candidates get at least qualifying marks easily.

    If your firend genuinely feels that she has performed much better in the examination, she can challenge the marks awarded to her and ask for re-evaluation (not re-totalling).

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  • Your assume is wrong. She got 40 marks because she wrote answers on paper. Examiner who check exam paper have to pass the students that does not mean that they passed the students who did not wrote anything in the exam paper. Same marking system in regular and supplementary exam. Marks given on the basis of the number of word you wrote and answer should be appropriate and right. Wrong answer does not get marks but related answers got some marks. Supplementary exam is an additional exam and second chance for candidate to pass in any subject. There is not any difference between supplementary and regular exams.
    If you feel that you got less marks in supplementary exam then you can also apply for improvement exam where paper recheck and retotal. For that you just need to pay some fees. You can contact board if you want to apply for rechecking.

  • There are no different parameters or guidelines for evaluation of answer sheets in regular and supplementary examinations. They are checked and evaluated with same judgement and prudence.

    If a candidates gets different marks in regular and supplementary exams then it is only due to his inconsistent performance and should not be confused with the system of evaluation.

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  • Don't go by the preconceived notions. The paper evaluation process for the Regular and Supplementary examination is one and the same. Those who appear for Supplementary examination won't be under-rated and the quality of the answer that matters most for better marking. Moreover, there are certain Boards and Universities which allow the students to opt for betterment by paying the requisite examination fee and sometimes the marks scored in the Supplementary examination may be more than they acquired in the Regular examination earlier. The students are allowed to retain the marks which ever is higher. As such the evaluation process won't be a biased one and as per the norms assigned to the evaluator.


  • There will be no difference in valuating the regular examination and supplementary exam.Both exams will be valuated in same manner.A candidate might have health issue or some other problems when that candidate writing regular examination.And because of that reason, if he fails in that exam, he will definitely write supplementary exam.If that candidate don't have any issues at the time of supplementary exam, he or she may write very well.And the teachers or lecturers who will evaluate the answer sheets also know all these issues.So, the valuators also won't discriminate between regular and supplementary exams.Your Friend might not have written well in supplementary exam, only got less marks.

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