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    Echo test result interpretation

    Having a difficulty in interpretation of Echo test result? Looking out for help? Here, on this page you can find the interpretation of all the result comments provided in the report.

    My 2 month old baby has undergone spinal chord surgery one week before. As a part of that, doctor suggested echo test for heart fitness. The result comment is that:
    a. PFO shunting left to right
    b. Normal chamber dimensions
    c. Normal biventricular function
    d. No PHT,Left arch, No CoA, small collateral from DA
    Can anyone can explain the interpretation of this result? (Especially about the comment PFO shunting and collateral from DA).
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  • Echo or echocardiography is done to see the condition and size of various heart parts by using reflection of sound waves.

    As per your child's report PFO is a condition known as Patent Foramen Ovale in which there is a hole between the upper chambers (Atria) of heart. This hole is present in the foetus and generally closes after birth though in a few individuals it remains open also and makes a leaking path between the upper chambers. Generally this is not a big problem and one can continue with it. In rare cases the presence of blood clots may create problem in such cases as they get a path through this hole to traverse to brain.

    The other acronym PHT is pulmonary hypertension which is not there in your child's case. So that is not a problem.

    Another result of test is CoA which is Coarctation of the Aorta which means narrowing of the the major artery carrying blood to the body. This test is also OK in respect of your child.

    There is also a mention of small collaterals from DA which is a observation regarding alternate blood channels and are found in animals and humans and are in fact useful in certain fatal conditions. So they have observed such channel of blood flow from one of the main artery in the heart. So prima facie this is also not a grave thing.

    As I am not a registered medical practitioner you should take this information as academic in nature and must discuss this with a heart expert professional doctor before going for any treatment etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Echo test interpretation is better to get it done by a qualified medical doctor. Even though the results appear to be normal and not problematic, I advise you to show the results who prescribed the tests and ask them in detail. Generally, as per my knowledge, the doctor's will get all the tests done to be surer of the health. You need not worry about the points given above as they are not serious in nature, but you better consult a good Physician and get his opinion.

    always confident

  • Please do not rely on the replies in general forums for such specialist advise. Please contact your pediatrician, neonatologist or the pediatric surgeon who would be qualified to explain this and advise the practical approach to this for your child.
    Patent foramen ovale is between the two upper smaller chambers of the heart that closes at birth or in the first 1-2 years after birth.Depending on the size and the volume of blood going across the hole, the doctors plan their approach. Often is would just be a policy of wait and watch rather than aggressive treatment. If your child has undergone surgery safely, it indicates indirectly that the shunting of the blood is not a big issue. Ducuts arteriosus is a small connecting vessel between the pulmonary artery and the aorta, it also closes at around birth.

  • As other members suggested rather than completely relying on the answers here, get suggestions from a good physician and feel relaxed.

    The wall between the left and right atria of the human fetus has a hole and it is called foramen ovale. This hole allows blood to bypass the fetal lungs, and they won't function till they are exposed to air. The foramen ovale closes as soon as the newborn breathes first and it will be closed completely within few months. When it remains open, it is called a patent foramen ovale. PFO is not a problem for many people. A small amount of left-to-right flow will be present and it is common for the kids with PFO.

  • Before I answer your query I wish your child speed recovery and always be in good health. Echo test uses sound waves to create pictures of your heart and gives the doctor about the exact size and shape of the heart. It even gives information about the chambers and valves functioning. As per your query, PFO is Patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a hole between the left and right atria. In normal condition, the blood flows from LEFt to RIGHT Atria I,e LA and RA. and then to the parts of the body.
    Regarding the interpretation of the report it's better you consult a doctor and be sure about it. In ask expert section you will get a general idea about the report but to be confirmed by the report it's better you consult a cardiologist and know in detail about the report because always face to face discussion will give you better result and satisfaction.

  • Echo- test utilises the sound - waves to ascertain the functioning of hearts including the valves an essential component of heart - functioning. The size of the heart.too, can be ascertained by means of Echo - test. By going through the report regarding PFO, it simply suggests the the existence of hole which according to medical term is known as Patent Foramen Ovale. It is very common phenomena observed in a newly born child. Such a hole between the upper two parts of the hearts may exist in the babies in the initial stages and later it closes taking some time around 5 years after the birth of the baby. So long the hole does not close, the circulation of the blood from right to left may take place and it does not signify any abnormality.
    However, for the correct interpretation of the results, you need to have a consultation with the cardiologist and his suggestion would be more meaningful.

  • Before giving my interpretation I first admit that I am NOT a medical practitioner.

    Echo test is done to understand the functioning of heart. The report of the echo test of your baby suggests that the baby has a hole in heart which is more or less a common phenomenon.

    I would advise you to take the advice of a pediatrician and start treatment as per his/her advice. I wish your baby a speedy recovery.

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