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    Which is the best company to work from home?

    Do you want to work from home? Just go through this page to know about this from our experts.

    I have lost my Job. But I have to maintain my family. Can anyone suggest which is the best way to work from home & earn as I have to look after my family? Because most of them are charging for the registration & after that, they are not providing any work & no response from them as all are fraud companies. Kindly suggest me.
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  • For your query first thing I wish to say that please don't register company by paying registration fees or by paying an amount to training materials, all such companies are fraud and fake.First, you decide whether you want to work from home or search a company and join that. Because working from home is a slow income, later on, you may have a profit. To work from home you should have patience. The channel where you have posted your query is also a right platform to earn money from home. But I will give some list of sites which provide work from home. You have to read it carefully and start earning.


    It's free for registering. You can use all these sites, [if the link does not open pls select the link & copy & paste into your browser address bar] suppose if your willing to work for any company then to suggest you I would to like to know your qualification.

  • If you want to work online from home there are many opportunities but at the same time there is a tremendous rush for such avenues of earning. So what is to be done is first we have to find out such companies where registration is free and also that they are reputed for timely payment.

    In the preceding answer by gsadhiks some sites are already mentioned where one can try to work and earn.

    I will add some other sites which are also reputed as well as a good place for earning. These are -

    In mturk there are small small jobs which can fetch little money every time you complete it. These jobs take few minutes ( generally less than 5 minutes) to complete.

    The site odesk is basically for those who have experience in web design, logo design etc and one can earn money by completing such jobs there.

    The site scripted is for those who are good in English and can write the content as per requirement. This is a good site for earning for those who have a knack of writing.

    The other site fiverr is a site where various jobs like editing, report writing, translation and many other similar jobs are available and you can quote or bid for same. The job is to be completed as per the given time.

    The site elance is also a great site for freelancers and there are so many jobs available there out of which one has to select as per his capability.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You please don't pay initially for training or registering on any site. There are many fake sites and they will earn money and ultimately nothing will happen. Working from home will not pay very high amounts at least for some time. You better try for data entry works and other similar works from the known persons in your area. Some banks, electricity boards and other government organisation will give some data entry works to private candidates to do at their house and submit back. That will be a better idea.
    Coming to online earning you have posted this question on this channel. This is one site which is very prompt in payment and to rely on. You can get registered here. No registration charges. You can go to the site and start working and earning. Similarly, there is another channel I now that is There is no registration fee. But getting order may take a lot of time. Try that. If you know how to create a blogger create your own and try to place good attractive and useful issues there. You may get good traffic and you may get some advertisements on that.

    always confident

  • I'm surprised that you are paying for sites for jobs. You don't need to. It would be good to know your qualifications and experience to suggest better.

    1.this website is good for interacting, contributing articles and gives a chance to earn ( not great amounts but it would be a good start - you can register and start familiarizing with the site.

    2. If you have good travel experience and passion, then you can try travelblog

    3.There are lot sites that offer money in exchange for tasks done online
    a. microblogs or microjobs data entry survey completion typing jobs
    e.freelance writing (
    f.blogging on many your core areas that you are familiar with travel,cooking etc.

    4.Affiliate marketing, you need to register to promote the products of well known brands, once a sale is completed, then you get a commission. ( video posting is a good option, if you are creative and have a passion to do things spontaneously.

    6.If you love teaching, try this, people earn from their teaching skills.
    the rest or not companies but ideas to earn from home.
    7. you can be a small entrepreneur by making small home made products, key chains, trinkets, hand bands, cards etc
    8.Lot of people find project work and craft work to be done by word of mouth for busy families on each work basis, enquire around your locality.

    9.There is a lot of demand for tuition services for primary school children in maths,language etc. Try to scout around apartments and residential neighborhoods, if have a the right qualifications and some people to vouch for your character, then you can give it a try.

    10. Childminders. there is a lot of demand for trusted, reliable people to look after children of families during their work time and extra hours.

  • You did not specify anything about your qualification. You can start working from home through online websites so internet is required. If you have an experience in teaching and bachelor's degree in any field then you can also teach online. There are many companies hire employees through websites for home based job such as Hilton, Uhaul, McgrawHill, Frontline, HSN,.... etc. These are foriegn companies by which you can earn money in dollar. Visit

  • With the advent of internet new opportunities were created for the people interested to work online from home. Many housewives took advantage of these and earned money on a regular basis. In the beginning the early birds took the lions share through advertisement revenue sharing by creating good quality blogs or you tube channels .
    Today situation is different as there are lots of people engaged for earning in internet and the remuneration has come down significantly and only the high class material or work is getting paid handsomely and all other stuff is treated as mediocre.
    Anyway one can still try and with sustained hard work and patience can make a place for himself but the process is tiring, difficult and long.
    There is a list of some good companies compiled and analysed by Forbes and I suggest you to go through that and then scan them one by one to find out which one is suitable to your capability. The link to that is -
    Best of luck.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • First try to get a suitable job and then work online as part-time to establish yourself. There are thousands of doors opened when one door is closed. So, get the job first and then spend few hours online as part time to earn from few reputed organization or sites like this one.

    Once your online revenue generation is more than your salary at that time and if you feel that the online earning might be for a longer period then you can leave your job to continue the online work or project from home.

    You can search online job as per your talent and approach with them to get things done (including the freelance job sites).

    As advised above, don't pay any money to anyone to get such sources - on how to earn money online etc. most of them might just earn from you and you won't earn anything finally.

    Hope you will get a job soon, establish yourself to contribute online and earn out of it after sometime.

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