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    How to use WhatsApp & SMS of two different numbers in one dual SIM device?

    Are confused about using WhatsApp & SMS for two different numbers used in your dual SIM Mobile phone? Check this page and our experts would guide you properly.

    We have recently purchased an iBall Slide Tab. It has dual SIM slots, so we have inserted two SIM for two different numbers. We need guidance on how to use the Tablet in such a manner that we can view and use our different WhatsApp accounts as well as send & receive SMS.

    In the case of WhatsApp, I did look up the Net and the only thing I vaguely understood is that we need to download some app to be able to use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Other than this vague understanding, it all went over the top of my head!

    So please guide on -
    (i) If we do decide to download the app to have different WhatsApp accounts, then which one is the best (and free!) and easy to use?
    (ii) How to switch to enable us to see our individual SMS alerts of our different contact numbers?

    Please give clear steps for each. You could post separate responses to explain for WhatsApp and for SMS alerts for better clarity for me to understand.
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  • As I have understood you want to use whats app account on a single device where both the sim is a whats app account. As per my knowledge, it's not possible to have two whats app account on one device. You have to delete one account or insert the sim in the anohter device to use that also as whats app number. There is a provision to use the same number as whats app account on two different devices by using whats app browser. but in single device two whats app account cannot be executed. I know this because I had tried on my cell phone for that I surfed in net and contacted the service dealer to know more then also it was not possible.

  • You can use two SIM cards for sending or receiving SMS from a double SIM device. You can go to the settings and adjust the setting so that the system will ask you, whenever you want to send an SMS, through which SIM you want to send. It like when you want to make call the system will ask from which SIM. Same is the case here. But Whatsapp two accounts from single devise is not possible. I have a handset wherein I can use two SIM cards in the same system. But we can't have two WhatsApp accounts in it. I tried but the account is not getting opened. When you take out one sim and put it another handset I am able to open the second WhatsApp account.

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  • SMS
    For SIM cards in dual phones, you can label them SIM1-Name:X, SIM:2-Name:Y. Then you can set the different notification alerts ( on notification settings) for each SIM so that you will know which number has got the sms message whenever you get an incoming sms.

    What's app
    Parallel space is an app that enables us to clone the app we use and from the cloned app we can sign in with a different account from the same device. The icon for the clone has an indicator that enables us to know the original and the clone when we open the screen.

  • You can use what's app for two sims in same device. For first SIM, you download what's app from play store and install it. And for second SIM,go to Google play store and download PARALLEL SPACE app and in this app you can clone the WhatsApp and you can use for second sim. And to send and receive SMS for both Sims, go to device settings and then you don't select any sim as default SIM. So that whenever you want to send SMS, it will ask from which sim you want to send SMS.

  • You can use two different WhatsApp account on a single (dual sim) device.

    For Non - MI Users:
    1. Install WhatsApp from Google Play and verify it with your first SIM.
    2. Install Parallel Space from Google Play, open WhatsApp from Parallel Space and verify it with your second SIM.
    3. Create shortcut for Parallel Space's WhatsApp on Home and use both accounts.

    For MI - Users:
    1. Install WhatsApp from Google Play and verify it with your first SIM.
    2. Open Settings on your Phone and scroll to bottom where you will find a setting called "Dual Apps" open it.
    3. Click on WhatsApp to clone the existing WhatsApp.
    4. Open new WhatsApp and verify it with a new number.

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