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    Can I start cricket again at age of 18?

    Want to become a cricketer? Wondering if this can be done at the age of eighteen years? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I am about 18 years old. I have practised cricket for 2 years while I was between 14 to 16 years. But I left practice because of some family problems. however I was selection in under 14 by Varanasi Cricket Association.
    Can I still restart my practice? What is my future? What problems will I face? From where should I start? I am a hard worker and have good potential. I am from middle class background.
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  • The answer is there in your query only. As you say I am a hard worker. When you know you can work hard then be confident and move further. To achieve anything class does come your way I mean whether you're from middle class or high class. To achieve something you should work hard even if your well off. You have an experience of practicing cricket no matter that you left. First, go and meet a coach who charges fees within your limit. Take good coaching and tips from cricket experts. Practice daily at your home. If you have net then you will get 90% guidance in net only. Once you know you're capable and eligible for playing under 18 then search for such tournaments and enroll your self. Don't think you can do or no. Just go for it.

  • By all means, you can restart practising cricket. Already you have some experience in playing and you say you got selected earlier for under 14. This indicates that you have a flair for playing the same. So continue practice regularly. many coaches will be there at your place. Please select a suitable coach and start trials. You can work hard and get going. There are plenty of avenues for the players who work hard and dedicate themselves to the game. Please continue the practice under a suitable coach.

    always confident

  • 1. You are 18 years and want to keen to start cricket practice. Without discouraging you, many from middle class dream and few succeed in having a career in sports or other areas. Most middle class families need to have a career to support their current and future families. By law of averages a career in sports would take time to materialize when compared to completing your graduation and get a good job to support yourself and the dependents. Studies or sports both needs dedication, commitment and money. You have already mentioned you had to discontinue practice once due to family issues.

    2.So, please complete your studies for a graduate degree of your choice and keep track of your progress so that it leads you to a good job.

    3.By all means take up cricket as a sport and re-start playing for the local groups.Once your start, give it a few months, you will find a way to balance both. Then approach the local association coaches to get your talent recognized. A few months into your practice, then focus on your area of strengths, make short, crisp videos of your skills in batting,bowling or fielding and upload them on to youtube with your contact details, you have a good chance of getting noticed.

    4.You can contact the cricket coaches at Dr.Sampurnanda/ SIGRA Stadium
    Vidyapeeth Rd, BC Tower,Near Nagar Nigam, Chhittupura, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010
    Phone: 098874 51236

    5. Try and renew your contacts with the cricket experts who were involved in your selection for Under 14 ( school coaches, school cricket captains, etc)

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