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    Overdose of BC 21 for a 4 year old

    Want to know the remedy for medication overdose? Looking out for a remedy? Here, on this page find suggestions from experts for your query.

    My 4 years is old and has taken the BC 21 bottle and consumed about 90% of the tablets.
    What steps can I take next?
    This happened yesterday evening and I came to know about it
    just now. She has not shown any unusual symptoms yet. I am trying to make her have as much water as possible. I am very worried.
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  • I think BC -21 is Biochemic Combination Tablets. If so then it's for teething problems even for children also it is prescribed, but an overdose of any tablet is dangerous to health. If it is homeopathic then there will be effect slow. The first aid I wish to tell you is:
    1) If you're in the city any doctor is near your residence then immediately visit him.
    2) If your child is normal behaving then I think it's still not getting reacted, so you can make her vomit by making her drink lot of salt water.
    3) Clean her tongue with your finger till the end of the tongue so that she may feel like vomiting.
    4) Any overdose of medicines should be vomited. So be sure she vomits off.
    You can try this immediately, but still, I advise you to consult a doctor and take his advise regarding this.
    One small advice I wish to tell PLEASE DON'T KEEP MEDICINES REACH OF CHILDREN. Keep them always at a distance where can't reach.

  • BC 21 is a calcium supplement mainly given to children around 9months to 5 years, This is a homoeopathic medicine used generally and there are instances of taking daily 3 to 4 times and each time 2 tablets. It is a general medicine and many suggest usage of these during teething. But taking the very high dosage of any homoeopathy medicines is not advisable. You better take her to the doctor who prescribed that medicine to her. Tell him exactly what happened and he will suggest the remedy if required. But be careful in storing the medicines Please see that they are not within reach of any children. Once a bay of 5 years consumed 10 BP tablets and her BP has fallen to a very low value. It was a hectic attempt and finally, the girl survived.

    always confident

  • Please seek the advise of a registered homeopathic doctor or a medical practitioner soon.

    Biocombination 21 is a German homeopathic medicine used for dentition troubles in infants. It has calcarea phosphorica and ferrum phospohoricum. The blogs reassure that there are no major side effects, at most they would have some indigestion. You can contact the Manufacturer Dr.Willmar Schwabe India Pvt Ltd.
    1. You can check the website and contact them for further information.
    2.Enquiry: 0120-4016500 (Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5:30PM. Except Holidays)
    3.Customer Service Department
    Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd.
    A-36, Sector 60,
    Uttar Pradesh,
    Pin-201 304.
    Tel +91-120-4016500

    Children often are curious and take small pills that are sweet to taste or colourful to look at. Once you settle this, I'm sure you will place medicines away from the reach of children.

  • BC-21 is a biochemical preparation of Ferrum Phosphorica – 3X and Calcarea Phosphorica – 3X and is generally available in a 20 gm pack containing 200 tablets. This biochemical medicine is usually given to children at the time of teething and is supposed to suppress the various body disorders associated with teething like diarrhea, fever and vomiting.

    The interesting thing about these type of medication is that they are already a lot diluted and the 3X itself signifies the 3 time successive dilution which amounts to 1/1000 dilution of the normal chemical. It is believed that the homeopathic and biochemical medicines are more effective with the dilution as their working is not based on gross amount of medicine as in the case of allopathic medicines. It is also believed that with more and more dilution the biochemical or homeopathic medicines become more potent and just for reference here I want to tell that while X is the notation for 1/10th dilution C is the notation for 1/100th and M for 1/1000th dilution.

    Anyway not going into the genesis of biochemical or homeopathic medicines what I want to emphasize is that the gross amount of chemical in a 20 gm pack is very small and to that extent you should not panic for the well being of your child. Still as some amount has already reached in his body you must consult a good biochemical or homeopathic doctor who can advise you properly as they have a deep knowledge of these biochemical products and their side effects.

    Knowledge is power.

  • BC 21 is the Biohemic combination of several biochemical ingredients mainly Ferrum Phos 3x and Calcarea Phos 3x and works wonders in the teething problems and even the accompanied problems such as diarrhoea, vomiting and fever as a result of such disorders can be successfully tacked by administration of this combination.
    However, the interesting fact is that it does not cause any overreaction in the wake of its excess consumption of the same medicine. All the biochemical medicines made for curing different disorders are made using very dilute form of the different biochemic - salts. These salts target the specific problems for which it has been formulated.
    You may closely watch the condition of the child if any abnormality especially vomiting is noticeable, you may consult a registered doctor for the further treatment.
    In such a case, an Homoeopath prescribes Nuxvomica 30 to neutralise the side effects arising out of overdosage of the medicine. You may consult a registered Homoeopathic- doctor as well for the elimination of the side - effects.

  • Biochemical medines are based on the 12 salts or combination of these salts in various proportions and potencies.
    BC-21 is a biochemical medicine comprising of 2 such salts.
    As the actual amount of medicine is small the adverse effect of accidental high intake may not be serious but it is better to consult a doctor who can advise some other medicine to counteract this.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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