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    What might be the reason behind the press conference of NASA?

    Are you eager to know the reason behind holding the press conference by NASA on 14th Dec, this year? Go through the views of our experts here.

    NASA is going to announce about a new discovery today. Is that about another exoplanet? Will but be about another earth like planet? Did they find the existence of extraterrestrials? What do you think about It? What might be the reason behind the press conference?
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  • NASA has announced that there is another solar system in this universe which is almost a replica of our solar system. This replica of our solar system is at a distance of 2455 light-years. There are eight planets in that solar system just like our solar system. NASA has also announced that there is strong possibility of life in that solar system.

    According to NASA this is a remarkable discovery.

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  • NASA's meet is likely to be related to the discovery of an almost full new solar system where life could be possible. Based on collected data and applying artificial intelligence NASA has tracked a solar system similar to ours as is referred to as the Kepler-90 star system.

    This was based on the work of researchers Christopher Shallue and Andrew Vanderbug who trained a computer to sift through 35,000 possible planetary signals in a 4-year data set.

    This is different from the TRAPPSIT-1 exoplanet system (40 light-years (235 trillion miles) from Earth) discovered around 2016.

  • There was an announcement from NASA in the press conference on 14th of this month. In this, announcement it was stated that they discovered another solar system similar to that of ours at a distance of about 2455 light years. They also mentioned that existence of mankind in that system is very much possible.

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