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    On line banking timings of Syndicate Bank

    Do you want to know about the timings of online transactions by Syndicate bank? Do they differ from other banks? Check this page to know for details from our experts.

    I have accounts in State Bank of India (SBI). I have been conversant with online banking system and utilising online banking with SBI for more than six years or so. I can do online banking at any time of any day. On the other hand, my wife has account with Syndicate Bank. Recently, she has taken online banking facility.

    However, we have noticed that it is not possible to do online banking in Syndicate Bank website from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. The account can't be logged-in.

    In this connection, I would like to know whether it is normal to close online banking facility from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. (is it possible for a bank to close online system at night) or it is a fault of our own computer system.

    Knowledgeable Members may kindly respond.
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  • Now a days all government sector and private sector banks using core Banking system and almost all banks providing internet Banking and mobile Banking facilities.With these facilities, customers can log in and can check their balance and also can send money any time using IMPS facility.And there is no system in any bank to close the internet Banking facility any time and we can use it any time.You told you are ok with state bank of India and you have problem in using net Banking of Syndicate bank.I also have account in Syndicate bank and I am using my net banking any time even at the time which you have mentioned I.e., 8 pm to 6 am.I think it may be problem with your net banking password or may be because off poor internet connection.Try to log in with better internet connection and if the problem continues, go and visit the nearest Syndicate bank branch and they will definitely help in this regard.

  • As far as I'm aware there are online net banking timings for NEFT/RTGS transfer that is usually not available from 7/8 PM to next day morning 8 AM.
    I'm not aware of any net banking shutdown regularly at night times, there may be server down or system maintenance shutdowns but these would be intimated to the client.
    Maybe an issue with connectivity
    I suggest you can contact the helpdesk of syndicate bank
    Help Desk (General Internet Banking Queries):
    Toll Free Telephone No: 1800 425 5784 Availability- 24*7
    E-mail ID:
    For RSA Token related issues:,
    (Availability- 08:00 Am to 08:00 PM)

  • Online banking is theoretically 24x7 banking. That i,it should be available all the time even on holidays.
    However practically we may find difficulties in performing certain transactions during the time of EOD, End of Day works or Day end Jobs in the bank. t that time either the fact may be displayed or it will tell us to try after some time.
    At certain other times, the bank may be doing some system maintenance or software upgrading etc. Then there can be some problem or temporary disability for online transactions. But even that matter will be displayed on the screen.

    However certain transactions like inter-bank transfers of NEFT. RTGS, some government related transactions etc may not go through as they have some time schedule. However the bank system will take our instructions to execute the transactions immediately on star of the next schedule. The same will be displayed also.

    Some other transactions which are linked to other web sites or portals will not go through if there is time limit restriction in those portals and sites.

    If you face the issue regularly and consistently, please take up the issue to the bank's complaint redress centre or contact email giving details of time, transaction you tried etc.

  • Online banking services of Syndicate bank are available round the clock. This is like any other nationalised or private bank. You can do funds transfer, and all other transactions 24 X 7. Ther is no question of stopping the online banking. But the funds you have transferred may get credited to the beneficiaries account the next day morning.
    www.syndicatebank. in is the official website of the bank. You please go through this. In this, they have clearly given that you can do all online transactions all the 24 hours of the day. If you have any problem contact your relationship manager of the bank so that he will get your problem resolved.

    always confident

  • I'm not aware about terms and conditions of syndicate bank because there is not any branch of syndicate bank to the city where I live in. I think there is a time fixed of login an account through online banking and may be site is go for maintainance. I think timing rules are different of syndicate bank as compared to others bank. You can confirm it by asking to a bank manager. As far as I know every banks allow users to the use this most convenient facility of online banking 24 × 7. I've an account on SBBJ and I can do online banking anytime I want. Try login after few days and if problem still persists then its good to contact with the near branch where you open your account to resolve this problem.

  • Any online banking system will not have a lengthy shutdown time unless their systems encounter a major failure. All banking companies will do a regular maintenance activity ( either monthly or quarterly ) to keep their systems up to date with latest patches or releases. Even this maintenance activity will be performed over the weekend ( usually on Sunday morning between 12am to 5am ) to provide minimal impact to customers.
    And more importantly, the banks do notify about this to the customers in the login page or home page itself. I just went to the Syndicate bank homepage and I could see there is a pop-up called "Announcements" on the right hand side bottom of the page. I checked it and one of the notification says that "During working Days, Services of Delivery Channels like Mobile Banking, UPI, Internet Banking and ATMs will be down for 30 minutes between 10 pm to 11 pm due to maintenance activity." So, my guess is you might have tried to access the internet banking service during this time. If you are facing the login during business hours as well, then definitely you need to contact the customer care of Sydicate bank. Just to make sure its not your issue, try logging in from a different browser or from a different machine.


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