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  • Category: Dermatology

    Is there any natural cream to remove flat moles?

    Interested to know about the natural remedies to remove flat moles? Have some clues from our ISC experts and check this page here.

    Is there any natural cream to get rid of flat moles(not cancerous)? Is It possible to get rid of them naturally using honey or onions? What are some other ways to remove flat moles? Is there any cream without side effects suggested by dermatologists?
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  • You can try by applying aloe vera to the mole daily Please apply a good quantity of aloe vera paste to your mole. Then take a clean cotton bandage and cover the paste with this bandage. Wait for three hours, and remove the bandage. Wash the aloe vera paste with sufficient water. Continue this treatment for three weeks. You will definitely get rid of your moles without any scars.

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  • There are a few home remedies for the elimination of flat moles and any one of these may be tried -
    1) Garlic - paste - Crush a few buds of Garlic to make the same paste having an uniform texture and the same may be applied on the affected parts and allow the same to be dried. The same may be rinsed after an hour. Repeated application for the same in a day would provide you distinct result within 21 days.
    2) Apple Cider Vinegar helps in natural way in the removal of moles since the acidic media of the same would eliminate the moles. Soak a few drops of natural vinegar in a cotton ball and the ball to be applied on the affected part, covering the same in the bandage for three hours. The operation is to be repeated twice in a day. Even one table - spoon of this vinegar may be consumed internally by mixing the same with equal amount of water in night prior to retirement to bed. You would notice result very shortly.

  • For flat moles apart from the above you can try

    1.Onion juice is a very simple ingredient that helps in removing the flat moles. Simply crush or grind the onion, press the ground mixture via a fine cloth, apply a few drops of the extract over the mole and after about half an hour wash it, this method needs more patience as it takes a longer time.

    2.Honey and flaxseed oil in equal amounts can be mixed and applied on the area and after about 30 minutes please wash it off.

    3.For persistent flat moles, you can try castor oil mixed with baking soda (just a pinch), apply it to the mole and cover with a small self-adhesive medical plaster. After 2-3 hours remove it and wash the remnants.

    Please remember two things
    A. All the natural ingredients either reduce the colour or are acidic or dry out the mole area, so please be careful when you apply these for a longer time as the surrounding skin can get damaged. You can use a little bit of face moisturizing cream or vaseline around the mole so that you protect the rest of the skin in the vicinity.
    B. If the mole increases in size or has crustations or bleeding, please see a qualified dermatologist.

  • Yes there is a natural cream to remove flat moles called DermaTend. DermaTend cream is a 100% natural formula that allows you to get rid of your unwanted moles without having the need for unnecessary sugeries. Dermatend is a solution that is to be applied to your moles on a daily basis for 2 weeks to achieve desired effects. You can buy it from any medical stores.
    Iodine is also best way to get rid of flat moles mostly for people who have sensitive skin. Apply iodine to the moles using q-tip up to 3times a day. You can see removing moles after a week and may be it takes a two weeks. If you don't believe on those unverified remedies then its best to take a help of dermatologist. They will tell you the best route and fast way to get rid of unwanted flat moles.

  • Accumulation or clustering of pigmented cells is the source of flat moles. Due to cosmetic reasons they are the unwanted objects specially on the face.

    There are many home remedies for flat moles. Application of Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most common remedy and its acidic nature helps in dissolving the moles slowly. With repeated action it removes the moles.

    Another common remedy is Aloe Vera. This also requires application for a few weeks before some improvement is obtained.

    Combination of castor oil and baking soda, garlic, combination of pineapple and sea salt, sour apple juice etc are also some of the common home remedies.

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