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    How to solve the problem of name mistake in document

    Is there a mismatch in the name in your documents? Are you worried about this becoming a problem while taking up a government job? Do not worry, you can read all the advice to resolve your worries on this page.

    My father's name in my B.Tech marksheet is wrongly printed with an unrequited space as compared to 10th marksheet.
    Will this mistake create a serious issue in government job document verification?
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  • One cannot judge whether an extra space can cause problems with the Job document verifications in the future. Nowadays, the forms are applied online with a clause that documents should match exactly with regards to name and date of birth etc. Some candidates take a chance as see. I would suggest to get it corrected especially if the job is given based on your valid B.Tech qualification.

    This is a chance re-verify all your other documents ( 12th certificate, Aadhaar Card, Voters card, Driving license ) and certificates(your name and parents name for name) and date of birth accuracies
    Check the accuracy of father's name in the identity documents he has currently.
    Approach a Notary in the local region who can get an affidavit done for father's name correction.
    You have to approach two newspaper offices to publish the correct name in an English paper and a vernacular language and preserve both the original paper publications.

    Check the university guidelines regarding forms and fees to be submitted for issues a name correction service. Once you approach the University under which your B.Tech is issued, then you can apply for the service. Please keep all copies of documents submitted and the acknowledgment letters safely.

  • Is the name of 10th mark sheet is correct? If it is so it is a mistake done by the university department. For this affidavit and paper publication are not required. You contact the college in which you have done your B.Tech and tell them that this is a mistake done by the university and give a written application. You have to attach your B.Tech degree certificate original in which you require a correction and a certified copy of your 10th maks sheet. The college will forward it to the controller of Examinations of the university.They will correct it and send back to you. Keep a copy of the application sent to university with you with an acknowledgement from the college authorities. Don't forget to keep a xerox copy of the B.Tech certificate attested by a gazetted officer.

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  • This mistake is to be rectified in order to avoid any hassle or inconvenience at the time of document verification while appearing or applying for jobs or attending interviews.

    What is to be done is immediately lodge an application to the university from where you have done B Tech and request them to issue a corrected certificate. For their reference you will have to provide them some document like Aadhaar card or your earlier school certificates where the father's name is reflecting correctly.

    It will take some time but once you get it you will not have any problem in future related to document verification anywhere.

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  • Yes even the spaces matters. If you found any mistake on any educational document or certificate then immediately correct it through writing an application about the problem, submit the application to the college from where you completed B.Tech and request them to issue a corrected certificate so do it immediately because after a long time college does not help you for the same. If you found this type of problems after a long time for the same issue then you have to pay some charges of making an affidavit with notarized for the correction. Visit the website of university and find correction in marksheets form, rules and fees option and after you find and read out you can apply for the correction sevice. After apply it take some time to get the corrected certificate on hands so be patience. Hope it helps.

  • Any difference in name whether small or big is treated as a mismatch at the time of document verification during Govt service selection process. It is very essential that such mistakes are rectified in time to avoid any problem in future.

    The usual way is to approach your college or university for rectification of this and request for the corrected certificate. The earlier school certificates where father's name is correct will be useful as reference material in such case.

    It is advised to get this done on priority so that document verification in future is smoothly carried by the recruiting authorities.

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  • A very common doubt is being raised by many about the mismatch of name of Parents in the marks sheets either in SSC or in XII standard or in a degree certificate. This won't give you a problem during verification of certificates at the time joining a job. If any observation is made you can give an undertaking and submit a legal affidavit duly signed by an authorised Notary. But you should see that proper corrections are made when it comes to your own name or your father's name , if it is wrongly mentioned while applying for a Passport. The External Affairs authorities are very particular during the verification process and more particular about documentation.

    Moreover, there is an extra space in your father's name in the present case of doubt and won't create any problem. It is always ideal to get the name corrected by approaching the concerned authorities at the time of receiving the Marks sheet/certificate.


  • If you do not rectify it immediately, this discrepancy may cause various complicated problems in future.

    I feel that you have passed your B.Tech examination very recently. So, you can easily submit an application to the concerned University to rectify the mistake (in your father's name) along with supporting documents (PAN card, AADHAR card, etc. of your father). Most probably, this minor mistake will be rectified quickly by the University.

    However, if the mistake is not rectified, you have to sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city and publish classified advertisement in one English and in one vernacular newspaper indicating the correct name of your father. You have to preserve the affidavit and advertisement permanently.

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  • Any discrepancy appearing on your father's name has to be rectified at the earliest in order to avoid the future complication in regard to your studies or your service career.
    The first you need to take at this stage to write an application to the officials of the country's corned university indicating the correction to be made in the name of your father. You need to attach the attested copies of the supporting documents where the correct name of your father has appeared. It would be better to secure a forwarding note of the Principal in your forwarding application giving the details of the correct name of your father appearing on the admission - register. You can get the same corrected after furnishing the requisite bank draft to enclosed with your application and the same to be addressed to authorised person of the university.
    You may expect a release of corrected certificate from the university within a short time frame.
    The other way would be to approach a lawyer giving him the entire details so that he can request an affidavit before the first class magistrate. Once you secure an affidavit, get it published in a leading English News Paper in addition to local one. You need to retain the affidavit permanently so as to produce the same wherever the same is required.

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